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it's been four months. i'm sorry. at the beginning, it was school work and a busy life but now I'm slowly starting to resent the idea of this book. it's not what i want people to see when they look at my profile. the writing is quite poor at the beginning, the dialogue is cringey, it's exaggerated, and i often fall into clichés that i claim i don't include. i definitely will write to the finish, but for the remaining readers, it may not be that quick. it's hard to put effort into something your heart is not into.

Adeline's head was pounding, her eyes were half-closed, half-open. Groaning, she ran a hand through her hair, noticing a hair tie on her wrist. Snapping the band off her wrist and bunched up her hair with it into a bun. 

Standing up, Adeline asserted her situation. She seemed to be in a dark underground room. The walls, floor, and ceiling were all huge slabs of rocks cemented together. Her stomach was growling, begging for even a crumb. Being a lame wolf, and falling onto her human tendencies, Adeline was absolutely disgusted by raw red meat, but she was so hungry that Adeline wouldn't be opposed to it.

There was a door in the right corner, and Adeline walked over to it, determined to open the stupid piece of rock. Without a door handle, Adeline could only push on it, and that was doing jack.

Hitting the rock in frustration, Adeline's knuckles bruised.


Turning back to the rest of the room, Adeline looked for something that could help her. Instead, she saw nothing of practical use. The room was completely empty.

That's when a voice sounded behind her. Adeline gasped and turned around and came face to face with the cocky man from before.

"You seem to be upset," He commented in mock sympathy.

Adeline frowned, "Yeah, because you locked me in here!"

"I didn't lock you in here," He stated.

"You clearly did, Daniel." Adeline rolled her eyes.

"Ooh, first name basis," Daniel noted, "I didn't lock you in here. There is no seal or lock, in fact, any other wolf would have been able to get out. It's because you're a weak little girl, that isn't capable of opening even a door."

Adeline's eyes narrowed, "You can go fuck yourself." She hissed.

Adeline didn't have the satisfaction of seeing his reaction, instead, his knuckles collided with her cheeks. 

Adeline's ears rang,  she fell to the ground. Daniel may not have a mate, but he sure was not a lame wolf.

Adeline fell to the ground dazed, the force from Daniel's punch pushing her to the ground. Adeline lifted her fingers to her lip, brush the pads against the swell that was forming. When she pulled her hand back, rouge was smeared on it.

"And you wonder why you don't have a mate," Adeline spat, right before Daniel punched her again into unconsciousness.


It had been four days. Lumos couldn't sit still or stand still, or do anything in a 'still' fashion for that matter. He knew she wasn't safe. He knew. He could feel it.

Aurora and Blaze were working around the clock to try and narrow down her location. They had guessed and they suspected locations, but with the army force they were hauling, Blaze couldn't waist getting the location wrong and wasting his resources.

When Lumos had confronted them at the ball, he has been out of breath, frantic, and worried. His heart was pounding, his skin itched. Adeline was hurt and something was wrong. He could feel it.

They had gone to the mission room and checked in on their information about the previous kidnapping of Max. However, the team had barely gotten any intelligence on the rogue group that committed the kidnapping.

Patrol guards were constantly scouring the outskirts for any signs of rogues, but no avail. They were at a standstill. The only way the knew of her kidnapping was the strange aching feeling in Lumos and the absence of Adeline. Aurora wasn't sure how Lumos could feel her but she had her suspicions.

Today, Aurora was swiveling in a chair in the mission. The flimsy end of a pen was being abused by Aurora's teeth as she chewed on it. 

She had gone over and over the history of rogue sighting in the pack. Then she read the detailed log about suspicious and foreign occurrences on/near the pack grounds. Finally, she read about rogue sighting along the east coast. Despite all of this, there was no information that could trace back to a reasonable explanation.

The only similar occurrence seemed to be Max's kidnapping. Aurora sighed, here eyebrows brought together in a frown. In frustration, she found her mind slipping away from its usual rigor as her eyes wandered over to Blaze.

Blaze was wearing a navy tee, molded against his upper arms. Not only was his biceps bulging, but the muscle from his back was bursting out of the back of the shirt. He was bent over, talking to one of the fighters, discussing map plans. Aurora's eyes wandered further down Blaze's body and dreamily sighed.

But when Blaze straightened and turned around, a worried look covering his face, Aurora snapped out of it. What was Aurora doing? Her best friend was missing. Her mate's cousin was missing, and he was running himself ragged trying to find her.

Blaze ran a hand through his hair, his eyes flicking over the huge map in the center of the room, illuminated by bright lights.

Aurora was about to approach him when Lumos caught her eye, waving her over. Aurora hopped off the chair and walked over to him carefully.

"What's up?" She questioned, moving the pen from her mouth into her hand.

"This search is going nowhere," Lumos stated.

Aurora sighed, "Yes, Lumos, I'm sorry but we're really trying. These rogues are skilled and know what they are doing; we have had search parties constantly looking for her. We're trying."

"It's not enough," Lumos mumbled queitly.

Aurora didn't respond; he was correct.

"I've had this feeling inside of me, a pulling force if that makes sense. I think, well, um-" Lumos began.

"Yeah?" Aurora inquired, eyebrows propped.

"I've never felt anything like it, Aurora. So I'm not exactly sure-but, um, I think I can find Adeline myself."

Aurora eyebrows bunched up, "What do you mean?"

"Well the way I knew she was in trouble is the same way I can feel where she is. I don't know the location but I constantly feel the need to be closer to her." Lumos divulged.

"Do you think it could help us?" Aurora questioned, excited for the first time in a long time.

"I think we have a chance," Lumos answered, reserved.

"Great! I'll tell Blaze," Aurora turned to leave when Lumos grabbed her shirt. Aurora turned to face him, concerned.


"Aurora, I've never done this before. I don't even know what I'm feeling. Can we try this by ourselves? I don't want to raise false hope," Lumos hurriedly said, seeing Blaze walking over to the pair.

"Without any backup? You know how insane that is?" Aurora clarified.


Aurora closed her eyes. She opened them. And then she nodded.

"For Adeline."

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