First Day Back

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School was it's usual at Hogwarts;
Ghosts swarming through the halls, students speeding to get to class.
Today, they got to eat as they watched new students being enrolled. Hermione, Harry, and Ron took their seats at the Gryffindor table.
"I wonder who will be joining us this year?" Said Hermione. Harry looked at her, then at the Sorting Hat. "I dunno."

"Welcome back, students!" Dumbledore's voice roared. "It's great to see you all made it back safely." With one slight look over the Great Hall, he continued. "School this year will go by usually. Now, we have new students to welcome! Now to you, Professor." He nodded at Professor McGonagall as she began unrolling a piece of parchment.

After the feast, they all headed down to the commons. "I can't believe you got yet another book." Ron moaned. Hermione was pacing down the hall, her face stuck in a large book. "Oh, whatever." She snapped. "You should read more, Ron. No wonder I could handle all those classes with or without the time turner." Ron knew it was no good to fight back. "Honestly, I think we both want to see your face again, Hermione." Harry said, grinning. Hermione turned a little pink, then put the book away.

The commons were full to the brim of joyful Gryffindors. Harry, Ron, and Hermione found seats and settled in front of the fireplace. "Happy to be back, Harry?" Sounded a familiar voice. Harry turned around to meet eyes with Seamus Finnigan. "Very." He smiled. "How about you Ron, Hermione? Happy to be back?" Hermione nodded, and Ron gave him a relieved "yes."

All was well into the night. Finally, Hermione retired and bid them goodnight. Ron and Harry were ready to do the same, and headed off to bed.
Soon enough after crawling into the four-poster bed, Harry heard Ron snoring, and muttering something about spiders.

But something was bugging Harry. Throughout the night, he tried to figure it out. Maybe he ate too much, he thought. Maybe he was a little anxious about this school year. But secretly in the back of his mind, he knew it was more than that.

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