Chapter Ten: Changes

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Sorry that I haven't been able to update guys! Don't kill me bro😰


                 Dylan's pov


My eyes fluttered opened when I felt something tickling my nose. I looked down to see my mate curled into my side. Our legs tangled together under the blankets. Her hair was sprawled out on the pillow her head rests on. Her even breath blowing on my chest whenever she exhaled.

Her eyes closed, brows knitted together as soft pout sat on her plump pink lips. She was absolutely beautiful. She is mine. All mine.

My wolf growled in agreement.
I pulled her impossibly closer to my chest. Breathing in her intoxicating scent that drives my wolf and I nuts.

Suddenly, there was a soft knock on the door. I groaned lowly, not wanting to get up. The person knocked again. I untangled myself from her carefully. Not wanting to wake her up. Once out of the bed I walked over to the door quietly, before opening it up. Justin, my beta, looked panicked as he looked around. "Justin! What's wrong?"

"A- alpha, we have a huge problem..." He said urgently. Walking back into my room, I grabbed a shirt and jeans. I walked out with my beta. Once out of the front door I saw why Justin was so urgent.

A few of my pack warriors shifted and growled at the intruders. One, being an alpha. He growled at my warriors, telling them to stand down. Than I saw the huge problem. This alpha was taking some of my pack members hostage.

I heard the screams from my pack members that were taken hostage. Two of them being Angelina and my betas mate, Shaunty. I growled out and started to run. The alpha locked eyes with me and growled.

"Why are you on my territory and taking my members hostage?!" My wolf was pushing on the barrier that kept him from taking me over. "You have something that belongs to me. If you give it back, then your members can return to you unharmed." The alpha looked at me expectantly.

"What exactly do I have that belongs to you?" I question him. My brow raised. "You have Jessie, my mate." He replies. I nearly lost it. My entire figure shook with the anger that corsed throughout me. "She is my mate. She is mine!!" I all but roared out in anger.

"Give me Jessie, or this girl dies." He grins at me as one of his pack warrior's passes him a struggling Shaunty. "NO!!" Justin, and Jordan yell out. They try to run to Shaunty's aid, but a few warrior's from my pack hold them back.

"Alpha please!" Justin begged. I turned to look at him. I could see the pain and fear swirling in his eyes. "Let. Them. GO." The voice boomed. Behind me, there stood my mate..


                 Jessie's pov


My eyes snapped open. I sit up and look around. Dylan was nowhere in site. Throwing the covers off of me, I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.

Once done, I hopped in the shower for a quick wash up before putting on my black shirt and ripped skinny jeans. I left my hair to air dry. Then, suddenly I felt anger. Which only left me confused because it wasn't me that felt angered.

Then realization struck me hard.

It's Dylan's feelings not mine.

Mates can feel what the other is feeling. So Dylan must be angry.

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