Chapter 4

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Sam's POV

"Sam? Is that really you?"

I looked back to see who was talking to me. And there it hit me, no wonder the voice was familiar, it belonged to her. The person who broke my heart into a thousand pieces and left me all alone.

"Why are you here?" I said, making sure that they notice the sting from my words

"Well, I was just visiting my aunt who works here. How about you?" they said clearly ignoring my annoyed face right now.

"Well, I am simply here to study of course," I said and quickly glanced at Nic, who was walking away from me and to her class.

I think they noticed that I was not looking at them, so they also took a glance at my direction and before they could see Nic I quickly pulled them away and out of the school building.

"O-ow! Hey stop it Sam!" they squirmed as I grasped their hand really tight. I just hate the fact of them getting to know my Nic. I don't like the idea.

"What the fuck do you want from me Leah?!" seriously I am so annoyed right now. Things were fine until they showed up.

"Why are you so mad at me Sam? What did I ever do to you?!" who the hell is this person kidding? Me?

"Are you fucking kidding me?! Leah you tore me apart! Do you even know how much I've suffered emotionally just because you didn't accept me for who I am? You betrayed me!" tears are starting to pour from my eyes as I look at her with the grudge

"You said that you would accept me! You were my best friend." they hurt me, they left me like nothing had happened between us.

"You were my first goddamn everything Leah! You were my first best friend, my first crush, my first love, my first kiss, my first everything!" my body is shaking from the anger in me. I can't take this anymore.

"And what did you do?! You still left me! For a fucking new bitch and you even told me that you didn't really like me! Fuck you, Leah! Fuck you and your goddamn lies!" that's it. I'm so full of this shit that I might throw up.

"Sam I-Im sorr-"

I didn't let them finish their story. I slapped them in their thick face hard. Hard enough for it to wake them up painfully. Who fucking cares about them? They left me broken. They didn't even say they loved me when I loved them.

"Forget it, Leah. Forget it. Forget everything that happened today. Forget me. And just go back to where you came from, away from my life. Just, stay away." I said, gulping down the pain down my throat. Even if it sores me.

They just stood there, their own hand on their cheek, feeling the sting from my hit against their own face. And slowly, they walked away. Until I couldn't see their own silhouette.

Crap. Now I'm late for my class. It's not worth it to go now since I'm not really in the mood. I should just give myself some peace of mind. I think I should go to the library. Since it's quiet and peaceful there.


Nic's POV

I am now striding myself to another hour of boring nonsense. I wish I would just graduate and get myself a job where I'm the boss. But of course this is the reality, so don't expect that. I want to be a manga artist someday, or even, be part of a famous band. But since I am too lazy to do any of that maybe I should just go with the flow of my fate.

"Ms. Andrews! I can tolerate your presence in my class but I simply cannot tolerate you when your mind is wandering off from the class!" grouchy Mrs. Jenkins said. Ugh if only you could make my life more miserable Jenkins. At least my life won't be boring with you around.

"Pfft. Mrs. Jenkins picked on her favorite student again." someone said

This is not what I want my life to be.


School ended just before the rain could hit the ground. I could see that the mountains over the north are already wet in this weather since the clouds are pretty dark and gloomy. I walked to the library to check out some music magazines since I am too poor to actually buy my own. Well not really, I just wanted to make sure I can save enough to buy a new amplifier. Mine broke like 4 months ago.

I caught sight of Sam in the corner. Damn. If I was a boy, I'd probably get hard right now. Her beauty never failed to make my heart be filled with warmth.

I went up and greeted her. She looked at me. And then, it hit me. She was upset. Her eyes were red. I guess because she cried? But why? Why did she cry? Who made her cry?

"Sam? Did you cry?" I asked her, my voice was soft and it was filled with concern.

"Nothing. I didn't cry," she said. Clearly, she was lying. I know how a person looks after they cry.

"You're lying," I said and sat next to her

"You know, you don't have to hide it. Crying makes you human. It's not like it's a sin to cry." saying this, even though I knew she won't open up to me about it, I am still concerned. I didn't know someone like her could be crying, and all alone.

"I know. I just don't want to talk about it right now." hearing those words from her lips made my chest tighten since I knew that she can't just open up easily to me. Even if we did talk a lot.

"I'm here if you want someone to talk to, Sam. This is the first time I saw you made a face like this." I said, clearly being honest about hearing her out

"Thanks, Nic. And yeah, I don't usually cry and get caught by someone." she tried to hide her sadness with a smile, but I could still see it.

"Okay. I'll be going back to my business again." I said trying to make her forget about that conversation we made ago

"Yeah sure. Why are you here though?"

"I was gonna check out some magazines. Then I saw you, and I came here to have a little chat." I said

"Oh. I can show you where the magazines are. Since I already know which are placed on which." she said and stood up from her seat and lead me to the magazine section.

I was walking behind her and I can't help but get a swift smell from her locks in front of me. She smells sweet. Sweeter than a candy shop to me.


A: Aww don't be sad Sammy. Anyways, what do you guys think? Should I make a longer and not-so-sad chapter next time? Or you want to know who that damn bitch really is to Sammy? Also, notice why I used 'they' on Leah? Expect something in the upcoming chapters lol.

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