"Oh brother, she's in for hell of a shock when she gets hit with it." his eyes sparkled in amusement and his mate, who was sitting in her own chair, elbowed him.

"Stop it. You're going to scare the poor girl." I looked at her in shock. Did she just elbow him? Her blond hair was piled onto her head in a messy bun. Sympathetic blue eyes look at me as she gave me a small smile. Her mate rolled his eyes at her and I blinked at them. "I'm Renee and this is my mate Ian."

If a female elbowed their mate in front of other people, she would be publicly punished. Were Lycan mates treated differently?

She studied me from where she sat. "What town are you from?" she asked.

"I was born in Dublin in Ireland and moved to Treeton when I was twelve." I said,shifting uncomfortably as everybody looked at me. Dominic's arms tightened around me at the attention. I smiled at his actions.

"I knew your accent was weird!" Ian said. I blushed and looked down. I have always felt awkward about how I spoke, I sometimes used words differently than people at school and would be scolded for it.

Dominic growled at his brother in warning and his brother raised his hands in surrender. It just heightened my embarrassment, I considered elbowing Dominic.

I thought of his dark eyes and clenched jaw when he was angry. Maybe not.

"Sorry, sorry no need to get all wolfie on me." I laughed at this because it explained Dominic well. Wolfie. His hands tightened around my waist,laughing at his brother probably wasn't the smartest thing to do.

"I'm surprised you're letting your mate sit and talk with us." said his Mother. I was surprised too. Especially that he let me talk with his brothers.

Dominic didn't answer just nuzzled my neck.

"Treeton is near the edge of the Sorune isn't it?" Renee said. I nodded. "Nicks' mate is from there. Very strict. Well as strict as basically every other town. I grew up with family, off the grid, you know? I never got to experience that and am glad I never did." She looked horrified at the thought and Ian chuckled, kissing her cheek.

"You're lucky I am so carefree. If you had gotten Dimitri as a mate, one of you would probably be dead by now." I couldn't help but silently agree with him. Dominic liked to be in control and I didn't mind giving up control. We just fit.

The doors opened and another couple walked in. My eyes widened at seeing Leah standing next to a tall man. Her cheeks were flushed as she looked down. It looked more like a habit than having to look down. She looked up at everybody and froze when she looked at me.

"Niamh? What are you doing here?" She gawked at me and then seemed to register Dominic. She inched closer to her mate. I looked at him over my shoulder to find him looking at her with narrowed eyes. I didn't blame her for getting scared, Dominic was one scary male.

Her mate, who I assume is Nick, held her hand and walked over to the chairs next to us. She sat next to me while her mate sat in the seat next to her. They kept their fingers locked together as she turned to me.

"I always wondered where you went." she said, she was looking at me in shock. "Everybody was forbidden from saying who your mate was, Alpha's orders. It was the talk of the town until Nick was passing through and found out I was his mate." She glanced at him as she said this, her eyes softening. "I guess I know now why we were not allowed to speak of it."

Usually you were not allowed to speak of a person finding their mate when their mate was a vampire. It was rare, but it happened. They disappeared and were given vampire blood to complete the mating bond.

"Why would they not be told who my mate is?" I frowned. Her eyes flickered towards Dominic and then landed back on me. She opened her mouth and closed it.

The doors opened again and Dominics father walked in, followed by waiters and waitresses. Dominic tensed as a male waiter approached us and placed two plates in front of us. He growled at the waiter who quickly scurried away once the plate touched the table. His father chuckled.

"No need to scare my staff away." He winked at me and Dominic before kissing his mate. I looked down at the plates, my heart dropping when I saw meat on both plates.

He took the meat off of my plate and placed on his own, kissing my neck as he did so.

"Don't worry, love. It's just a mistake." I leaned against him and murmured my thanks. I went to pick up my fork but I was spun around before I could reach it. I knew there was no point in arguing, I just opened my mouth and closed it around the fork. My cheeks red in embarrassment.

When we were finished the meal, the plates were taken up. I noticed our plate was taken by a female instead. I leaned my head on his chest, tired from all of the socializing. My father would scold me if I yawned around others but my energy was easily drained around people.

He rubbed circles on my back as the others talked around us.

"I see you're still a vegetarian." Leah smiled at me. I returned it sheepishly and nodded. "I thought everybody would have gone back after it stopped being in style." she laughed and I smiled back not knowing what to say.

Did she think I became a vegetarian because it was in style? When I became a vegetarian, many others had also started it, dropping it after a few a weeks but I didn't know it was in style.

We stayed for another hour or so before going back to our room, the others following suit.

I had a shower with Dominic to wipe the smell of the other males off, fighting at his hands. I was too embarrassed with his parents in the same house to want to do anything. After brushing my teeth and changing into one of Dominics' tops, I got into bed and sighed in happiness. He pulled me into his chest and I snuggled closer to him.

"Today went better than I thought it would." I murmured.

"Yes, it did, didn't it?" His fingers ran lightly down my arm and I shivered.

"I didn't expect Leah to walk in." I said honestly. "Or to talk to me. She was in my class and we never really spoke, we were both too shy." I moved my head so I could look up at him. "When did they know they were mates?"

"While we were in my apartment." He said. "They went through the honeymoon phase pretty fast." I nodded and hummed my agreement, too lost in thought to try and form words.

All the talking had drained me, my body felt like mush, my mind felt like mush. I sifted through my mind, plucking the negative thoughts out. I sorted through them and went over them as we lay silently next to each other.

Dominic could be sweet and kind, he showed it around me sometimes. He could be considerate, sometimes, and he was letting me keep being a vegetarian.

But he could also be very cruel. I didn't listen to rumours because so many rumours had been altered and changed but being around Dominic, seeing his anger spiral, I thought that maybe some of the rumours might just be true.

He had warned me so many times that even if he might soften towards me that he would not change, his actions towards others would not change and his possessive nature would not lessen. I believed him but there was still a part of me that hoped that he would change.

The typical cliché story where he falls in love and suddenly he wants to change for her. Another part of me also knew that this was very unlikely to happen and probably never would. I needed that hope though.

His jealousy and possessiveness would annoy me soon. Right now, I was patient, understanding but if he kept acting like that then I was going to kill him. It was beyond frustrating and irritating when he growled because a male was within our sight.

Sighing, I stored the thoughts away and decided to come up with a plan when Dominic wasn't wrapped around me and I wasn't in his parents house.

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