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Okay. To be honest, I am really worried. I don't understand how Shelby was really chill about meeting my parents.
(Does Will say "chill"? Idk)
...I just remembered that I prepped her. I told her not to worry, because my mum and dad already love her... I NEED TO BE PREPPED!
I walk into Shelby's room, and tackle her gently.
"Will!" She exclaimed
"Hello." She kisses me on the cheek
"So, how may I help you?" She asks, stroking my hair
(Am I the only one who wonders what Will's hair feels like? The way it looks just confuses me sometimes .-.)
"Shelby, I need you to prep me."
"Prep you for what? You're pretty prepared for a lot of things. SO, THAT EXPLAINS WHY YOU'RE SUCH A CHILL PERSON. I've figured out your secret, babe!" Shelby says in triumph
Woah... She called me babe. That's new...
"Woah, okay. Did I just call you babe? That was weird." We both laugh
"It weird, but cute at the same time. But... Not as cute as you." I could see her cheeks blush a bright red.
"You're a flirt, Will. A flirt."
"I'm only a flirt around you." I give her a wink

Will winked. Okay. I could feel the heat in my cheeks. I could feel my heart skip a beat.
(Notice how Shelby still blushes profusely, and has her heart skip beats like the first time? That just shows that her undying love for Will hasn't lowered itself. She's still madly in love.)
"Hey... You need uh... To slow down with your flirting skills."
He giggles
CUTE. THAT WAS ADORABLE! Okay, Shelby. Calm down.
"Okay, what is it that you needed to be prepped for?" I continue to stroke his hair
"Oh yeah! I need you to prep me for when your parents come visit!"
"Why? I've talked to my mom about you before, and she certainly loves you. She also, most likely, talked to me dad about you." I explained
"Okay... But is there anything I need to know, or expect?" He asks
"No, Will. Just be your, perfect self." I give him a tight hug, and he hugs back.
My phone starts to vibrate, and so does Will's.
We both check our phones, and see that it's a text from the group chat.
Liam: Hey! Anyone wanna record?
Will: I'm down to record!
Shelby: So am I :3
Graser: I wanna record! I need them vieewwwws. XD
Liam: Graser, you always want views. And Kiibble, of course you both can record. You live together.
Will: Basically, yeah 😂
Shelby: It's the pro of dating another gamer! Lol
Graser: The cons of being single...
Will: Don't worry, Graser. You'll find a Tinder date one day.
Liam: What about me?!
Shelby: Liam, you're gonna be single with Link.
Graser: I thought Link was gonna marry Shelby
Will: Oh heck no, I'm gonna marry Shelby!
Shelby: wut
Graser: Okay! :D

They went onto Harmony Hollow and recorded a clip, then went to go play bedwars. Couple vs. Couple! And they recorded happily ever after.

I get a text.
Mom: Hi sweetie! So, we're gonna be visiting early! We'll see you in two days!
I need to clean my apartment. *sigh*

Well... That was a weird chapter xD
Anyways, thank you for reading! We're almost at 4K reads! That's crazy :D
Also, I've been obsessed with Twaimz/Issa's videos lately. His Gmod videos are funny XD
PS. So... I went to go look for a photo for the chapter, and when I came back, I saw that we hit 4K reads... Awkard... Thank you! Lol. I LAB YOU ALL, EVEN IF I DONT KNOW YALL. Just so you know, if there's anyone you need to talk to, I'm here! Don't be shy!

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