8; Now that I'm grown I've seen marriages fall to pieces.

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     "Yes dad, I'm fine," William says into his phone, flopping on his bed. "It's been good, everyone has been okay, it's completely fine" He says again.

     "William, I don't want you to be a burden, we have enough money if you want to come home, I know you missed Christmas-"

     "Dad, trust me, it's okay that I'm here. They don't mind" William pushes.

     "We don't want you sleeping on Alice's couch for the rest of your life, William," He says sternly. "I don't care if we can't afford to have you!" The scream is piercing to William, "Your mother and I have been talking, we just feel like you should come home, maybe you could get a job." He tries to have soft spoken words after yelling at his son, his only son.

     "Dad, can we just talk about this in the morning?" William asks, exasperated.

     His dad sighs. "Bye," he says, and then hangs up.

     William gets off his bed, looking at the posters on the wall, all of them are Jason and Sisky's from when they were younger. William misses being young, the sense of being free, the only state he knew of for a long time. William sits down on the white carpet, looking at the soda stains that have been there ever since William can remember coming over.

     The knock at the door isn't a surprise to William. Sisky is a nosey fucker. Sisky smiles at the boy who is sitting on the floor, still looking at the soda stains.

     "Hey," Sisky says quietly to William, sitting down next to him. William puts his head on Sisky's shoulder, letting the younger boy get the mood of the whole situation.

     "My dad yelled at me."

     Sisky sighs, "I know. It's not like it's the first time," Sisky says. He looks over at William. "What'd you fight about?" He asks.

     "Me staying in Jersey," William says.

     Sisky gives out an annoying sigh. "Uncle Bill never liked Jersey," Sisky groans. "How do our parents know each other?" Sisky asks, William gives him a confused look.

     "You don't know, Adam?" William asks, and Sisky shakes his head.

     "My mom - she grew up here. She was friends with your dad, my dad went to college in New York. Your parents they got married in college, I think. My parents didn't get married until my mom finished and my dad had one year left." William says. Sisky nods along to the story.

     "This still doesn't explain how they really know each other." Sisky laughs at William, making William laugh because for once, Sisky is right about something.

     "My mom was there for your dad when his parents went through shit," William says in a breathy tone looking at the ceiling of the bedroom, "I never noticed how alike I am to your dad, we go through a lot of the same stuff." William says. "They just stuck together, and we'd visit and you'd visit us." William says.

     "How do you know all of this stuff?" Sisky asks, William looks at him, giving Sisky warm eyes.

     "I was caught in the middle of all of this," William looks back up at the ceiling. "I heard every fight, every glass that got cracked, I heard everything in that house." William frowns. "It wasn't that my parents didn't love me." William says quietly, "They were just occupied, they had bills to pay, a marriage to fix." William rambles on, "I don't blame them for sending me here, it was hard for them to pay the heating bill sometimes," William says

     "Didn't you have a job?" Sisky asks.

     "I gave them all my paychecks, Sisky," William says. "It just wasn't enough."

     "Your mom was there for my dad, like Jason and I are for you." Sisky says to William, William nods at the younger boy.

     "I guess." William shrugs and runs his fingers through his hair.

     "William, It's okay to be scared," Sisky says, William gives him an annoyed look.

     "I'm not scared, I'm just overwhelmed." William is quiet with his words. "I can't help my family, my dad can't say he's wrong, he's making me go fucking back to Illinois because he can't accept the fact he was wrong, and that he can't afford his own fucking flesh and blood!" William screams to Sisky, eyes filled with tears after. Sisky shakes his head and hugs William.

     "William, it's okay," Sisky says quietly to his almost brother. "Me, you, and Jason all have the same dad now." Sisky says, "Fuck Uncle Bill." William nods and detaches himself from the hug, wiping his tears off his cheeks.

     Running is heard from the stairs, Mr. Siska comes down. Looking at the two boys sitting next to each other, William and his red eyes.

     "William? Are you okay?" Mr.Siska asks, Sisky shakes his head.

     "Dad, I need to talk to you," Sisky says to his father, William looks at his own hands. Sisky starts ushering his father up the stairs, William shakes his head, he should be the first to tell him.

     "Mr. Siska!" William calls out, ignoring his anxiety for once. Mr. Siska looks at him, "Can you call my dad?" William asks him.

     Mr. Siska is confused, "They were fighting again." William stays quiet. Mr.Siska nods, understanding, and goes upstairs to call. Sisky leaves too.

     William groans as he lays down on his bed. The long haired boy just wants to sleep, he wants a break.

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