Chapter 9 Beatrice

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I pounded into her so hard. She gripped the bed sheets, her knuckles turned white.

"Fuck Beatrice!" She screamed in pleasure, her walls tightened around me and I groaned.

"Oh fuck Chantelle," I breathed, slapping one of her boobs.

"Oh fuck, here I cum!" She screamed. I felt myself cumming too and we both climaxed together.

"Oh gawd," we moaned, falling limply onto the bed.

"Oh fuck Beatrice," she breathed, connecting our lips.

"That was so good," I smirked, moving down to eat her out.

"Oh Beatrice," she moaned. She tasted so sweet. I made sure to lick every drop between her legs.

"You taste so good," I smirked, connecting our lips again.

"Mm you felt so good," she replied, running her fingers through my hair.

"Up for another round?" I asked, playing with her breasts.



"Will I see you tomorrow?" Chantelle asked.

"How about tonight after the game?" I smirked, knowing watching Andy will make me so mad.

"I look forward to it," she smirked, running her hand over my bicep. I smirked, gathering my things. I got out and found a seat in the stands. The air was cold and everyone was talking about her. My parents decided they weren't coming today because they didn't want to see Andy playing my position.

"Aye Beatrice, what happened?" Someone asked, gesturing to her. I rolled my eyes, anger filling my body. I can't wait to make her pay for what she's doing. I looked up and saw Danni sitting three rows down. I smiled and quickly sat next to her. She jumped in her seat and went to get up. I grabbed her arm and forced her down.

"Hey," I greeted. She had a hurt expression on her face.

"Let go of me," she pleaded. I quickly let go of her and. She held it into her. I wasn't holding her that hard.

"I'm sorry," she didn't say anything. I looked and saw she was still wearing that dykes jacket.

"Why must you wear that in public!" I spat, the memory of Andy in my mind.

"Because I want to," she replied shyly.

"Please just give it back. I don't need my girlfriend walking around with a dykes jumper on," I could see on her face that she wanted to say something but she kept it to herself. I didn't know what to say, but we were interrupted by screams from the stands. I looked into the field and saw my team running onto the pitch. I felt anger overcome me when I saw Andy leading them out.

"Fucking bitch," I muttered, letting my eyes fall on a dancing Chantelle. I instantly licked my lips, looking over her body in those tight shorts and crop top. She was such a good fuck. She noticed me glancing and jumped extra high, her skirt rose and showed her lace underwear. I felt myself become aroused. I turned my gaze back to my team. Andy was looking at us, a smirk on her lips. I tightened my grip on my jeans, anger boiling inside me.

"Fucking bitch," I spat, quickly getting out of my seat.

"Where are you going?" Danni asked.

"No where!" I yelled, causing her to jump. People started looking st us.

"I'm sorry baby," I mumbled, reaching for her. She sat still, looking at the ground.

"Come with me," I pleaded. She looked up at me. I could see the hand print on her face from the other night.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because I want to talk to you,"

"Okay," she sighed, getting up and walking with me. I looked out on the field and saw her staring at us. I wrapped an arm around Danni, causing her to frown. I pulled Danni along, taking her off of the bleaches and to where I fucked Chantelle moments ago.

"Where are we going?" She asked. I guided her into the locker room.

"Just here," I smirked, pushing her up against the locker.

"Please don't Beatrice," she pleaded. I could feel myself growing hard. I tucked a strand of hair out of her face.

"Why haven't we had sex yet Dannielle?" I asked, running my fingertips up and down her arms. She shivered under my touch.

"Because I'm not ready,"

"And whys that? It's been three years,"

"I'm just not ready," she breathed, fear in her voice.

"I won't hurt you Dannielle," I smiled, bringing my lips to her neck.

"Don't," she begged. I kept kissing along her neck, my hand wrapped around her ass. I squeezed it. She struggled against me to break free but gave up when I shoved her hard against the locker. She whimpered. I smirked, and slowly trailed my hand down to the hem of her dress. I let my fingers trace up her thigh. She was shaking in my arms. I bit down on her neck, causing her to yelp.

"Get. Off. Her," I sighed in frustration and turned to face Andy. She looked beyond pissed.

"Can't you see I'm busy making love to my girlfriend?"

"That's not love you sick fuck!" She yelled, grilling her helmet.

"You wouldn't know what love was it if hit you in the face bitch!" I yelled, tossing Danni against the locker again before making my way over to her. Anger crossed over her eyes.

"Treat her with more respect!" She spat, standing inches away from me.

"How about you go and be a dyke somewhere else?" I laughed, shoving her backwards. She looked furious. She didn't say anything back. She just looked at me with pure anger.

"Leave me and my girlfriend alone," I warned her.


"No?" I questioned.


"Well you don't get a say bitch!" I spat, sensing a punch clean across her face. She tripped backwards, holding her hand to her cheek.

"Leave before you regret crossing me Bee Bee," she seethed, wiping the blood from her lip.

"Regret what?" I laughed. If she hit me I knew she'd get kicked off the team.

"You'll regret ever existing," she spat.

"I'm not scared of some dyke!" I laughed.

"You better be!" She scoffed, standing millimetres away from me.

"Andy, on the pitch now," Coach ordered. Her eyes remained on me, before she averted her gaze to Danni.

"Make him leave first coach," she ordered, her eyes meeting mine.

"Howard out!" Coach yelled, slamming the locker. I spat in her face, before knocking her shoulder and walking out of the room. I kicked the bin over and threw a punch against the wall. She's a fucking bitch!

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