prologue; do you honestly believe in love at first sight?

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                                                                *Lucas' POV*

"I can't believe you dragged me to this stupid dance with you just so you could impress some stupid girl!"  Josh screamed to me. we were currently standing under a banner that said 'welcome to the Fall Ball!' It was only our freshman year and he already didn't want to go to homecoming.

"She's not just some stupid girl" I  mumbled under my breath as I looked over and there she was. Her name was  Scarlett  and she was dressed like a queen in a beautiful floor length silver dress with jewels around the waist. She's so perfect I thought to myself.

"Well then go ask her to dance then if she's so great." Josh said to me as he pushed me forward. I started to stumble, but quickly regained my balance before anyone saw me.

I turned around and started walking in the direction of Scarlett when her best friend Lila stopped me.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" she said

"If it's any of your business which it's not, I'm going to ask Scarlett to dance".

"I don't think so, look at yourself. You're the complete opposite of her. In what world do you think that will work out? besides she already has someone better than you to dance with. I searched the gym filled with sweaty teenagers dancing together to some song by someone I didn't care to know the name of. My face dropped as soon as I found her her laughing at something with her beautiful smile. but she wasn't laughing at something I said she was laughing at something Carson James said as she rested on his shoulder as they slow danced. I couldn't believe I was so stupid to fall for that   beautiful damn smile.

 I had to go clear my head. I pushed past couple after couple and made my way outside the cool October air met my face and it felt so refreshing. I sat down on a cold metal bench and lit a cigarette while thinking to myself. 

"It's so beautiful out tonight don't you think?" I was so wrapped up in myself I hadn't noticed  Scarlett was standing next to me. I looked up and instantly became mesmerized by her beautiful clear blue eyes. I nodded my head at her unable to have a conversation with her at the moment.

"You know smoking isn't good for you" Great now she's going to lecture me on something I already knew. I couldn't stop though it was my own little addiction.

"Does it look like I care?" I retorted, making sure to give her my signature smirk just for good measure.

"Look, I don't know what crawled up your ass and died but you might want to get it checked out." I watched as she sped back off into the gym and I was left alone once again with just my thoughts.

And from that moment on I knew I would do whatever I had to do to make her mine.

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