Confused Love

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Chapter One

I woke up with a smile on my face, it’s Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, besides Halloween, of course. It is the most romantic day of the whole year. I look forward to it every single year, even if I don’t have a boyfriend at the time. No matter what, you can always celebrate love. Plus it is also my national ‘I eat chocolate day’ which is always a plus.

My boyfriend, Eli, told me he had a huge surprise for me today. I couldn’t help but to wonder what it was, a romantic restaurant?  A single rose? A dozen roses? Box of chocolates?  All of those things are very romantic but unoriginal, so I knew it wouldn’t and couldn’t be any of those ideas. Eli liked to do the unthinkable, the unexpected, and that was one of the reasons why I loved him as much as it did. For our first date instead of going to the movies he had the cool idea to make one instead. It ended up turning out really bad, but we had so much fun making it. We also learned a lot more from each other than we would have in a quiet movie theater watching a movie that neither of us wanted to see. I shook my head giving up on guessing what my surprise is going to be. I weakly got out of my nice, warm and cozy bed to get ready for the amazing day I was going to have. 

I walked over to my walk-in closet. I guess you could say my family is rich, very rich, but I didn’t feel like we were. It’s just what all my friends seem to think so when they look at my closet. Let me just tell you that my closet is bigger than my actual bedroom. I walked to the back of the closet and grabbed a pair of neon yellow jeans and a gray tee shirt with pink, yellow and blue tape recorders on it, when my cell phone rang. I put down my cloths and picked up my phone, “Hello?” I asked into the phone. The concept of the phone was a really weird if you thought about it. I mean what would you think if one day out of the blue you saw someone talk into a tube. Wouldn’t you think they are crazy? I know that I would, and for just that reason I hated talking on the phone.

“Izzie! Eli called me today!” She screamed into the phone. I held out the phone since her screams were going to break my eardrum, who screams on the phone. I rolled my eyes at her even though she couldn’t see me.

“Vanessa? Why did he call you this early? More importantly, what are you calling me this early!?” I yawned. She knew I wasn’t a morning person, and if you woke me up too early, I was not a very nice person. In fact, I was probably one of the scariest and meanest things in the morning. But today, she was lucky because it is Valentine’s Day, so I was in one of my best moods.

“He wants me to make sure you wear something nice. Remember that cute red dress we bought you at the mall last weekend? The red halter top one with the flower and belt, and looked like it was made in the fifties. I think you should wear that one. It complements your hair and body structure. Oh! I’m also going to be picking you up so you won’t have to take your car back home; do you want your regular from Starbucks?”

“No, if I’m going to be wearing my dress, I won’t want to ruin it. Also heels or not to heels?” I asked her as I put the cloths away that I just got out. I never questioned when Nessa told me to wear something; she was like my fashion instructor. She knew her brands, accessories, and fads. In-fact, she started most of the fads at our school. 

She was in deep thought about it, or she just got distracted, it was hard to tell the difference with her. She wasn’t that hard to get distracted, trust me, I distracted her many of times before. “No, heels don’t go well with the date, your converses will be fine” she finally told me in a confident voice like this decision was a life of death choice..

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