Chaper 1:Right hand

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(EDIT) OK SO I DECIDED TO CHANGE THE STORY A LITTLE.JADAH IS NOW 17 INSTEAD OF 16 (one year difference wowww I know) AND JAYCEON IS NOW 21 21 (21 savage voice) SO THAT MEANS JAMIE IS ALSO 17 and DORIAN IS NOW 20 DEMARY is 18 so yea...thanks oh and everybody else that is a teenager is 17.


"Bitch you is stupid" I said in laughter looking at the phone seeing Jamie dance to right hand by drake.

Jamie was in Atlanta for 2 weeks.I couldn't wait for her to get back just for the simple fact she was my bestfriend and that's probably the longest we've been apart.

"Girlaa shut the fuck up you know this yo song" she said as she stuck her tongue out moving her head side to side

"besides the point" I said as rolling my eyes"...what time you getting here?"I questioned as I rolled from  my back to my stomach on my bed.

"Well the plane take off at 2:45am"she said looking into the camera fixing her eyelash extensions.

I did a little cheer that ending with me and her dying of laughter.

"Bitch I can not fucking wait!" I screamed "its only 2 more weeks left of summer until school and it's 3 parties until then."

"Bitch me neither I miss you soooo much" she said  with her bottom lip poked out.

Even though Jamie had a perfect family she would still be at my house and stay as long as she wanted.Thats why me and her grew so fond of each other, As time went by the more we got close the more our moms would get close.So because of mr. and mrs. Kane's (her parents) work schedules she would often come to my house when we was younger.Now she just comes whenever she wants which is often.

"I miss you too bestfriend" I said poking my bottom lip out as well.

Jamie's face lit up with joy and I already knew what it was for.

"My man calling me bitchhhh" she squealed

"Gone head and talk to yo little boyfriend bestie"I said with a "I know that's right" look and tone.

She blew me a kiss and hung up,As soon as she hung up I instantly got reminded to take a picture of me and post it on the gram.

I had on Calvin Klien boy panties with a black crop top that had red words with white outlining

I stuck my tongue out and put my body in a position that kinda showed my tattoos.

When I got done taking the picture I captioned it "the finest shorty on ya feed😌"


I woke up to the sound of  Gospel music playing downstairs as the air was filled with the smell of  pancakes.Every Sunday morning was the only morning my mom would make breakfast except for the days we had testing at school.

I sat up and checked my phone.The time was 9:30am I quickly got up making myself dizzy and ran to the bathroom. I had to be at work at 10:15Am and lord knows I love taking my time in the bathroom.

I quickly turned on the shower and jumped in getting hit with the cold water as the warm water slowly started to take affect. After I got out and dealt with all of my other hygiene I looked at the clock as it read 9:55am.

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