Ch. 2 I Think I Fell For You.

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~ Ayla's P.O.V ~

A hour later.

I wake up, I see Logan passed out as well. We ended up cuddling, his arms were holding me into his chest. I look at him, he is so cute. I smile at him.

I close my eyes for a few seconds, and then I open them again. And Logan was waking up so I closed my eyes and put my leg around his leg.

~ Logan's P.O.V ~

I opened my eyes, I realized that I was cuddling with Ayla. She was still sleeping, I heard a knocking noise. I got up and opened our curtain. A guy with my merch was there.

"Hey dude, you look awesome with my merch bro!" I smiled.
"Hi Logan, I'm a big fan!!" He took out his phone.
"Can we take a picture?" He smiled.
"Sure thing." I pose for the photo.
He takes it.
"Thanks man, you're such an inspiration I love you're videos. You're my hero. I love you man." He smiles.
"Thanks bro." I hug the guy, and he walks away.

I turn around and I realize Ayla was awake, she was looking down at the floor.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up." I look at her.
"It's fine." She smiled at me.

She looks away, she doesn't seem that happy. Not sure why, maybe a girl thing or something.

She curls up in a ball.

"Still cold?" I laughed.
"Yep." She shivers.
She grabs a blanket and starts hugging it.
She is so cute I smiled.

After the plane ride.

~ Ayla's P.O.V ~

We get off the plane, and I realize Logan doesn't have a shirt. I start to stare again but I snap out of it and throw his sweat shirt at him.

"Thanks for letting use you're sweat shirt."
"You can keep it." He smirks.
"Nah, you can have it." I crossed my arms.
"Anytime babe." He winks at me.
I rolled my eyes and walked away from him.

"Hey wait up!" He ran after me.
I started running to the airport.
"Ayla! Wait!!" He yelled.
He catches up to me and grabbed me.
"Hey let me go!" I yelled.

~ Logan's P.O.V ~

I picked her up, and started walking to the airport.

"Don't run away from me again Ayla." I gave her a serious look.
"Or what?" She giggles.
"That's a secret." I smirked.
"Ewwwww." She frowned at me.
"What? I didn't say anything." I smiled at her.

"Never mind, just put me down." She tried getting out of my arms.
"What's the magic word?" I looked at her.
"Put me down asshole." She smiled.
"Nope." I smiled.

"Please put me down." She rolled her eyes.
"Yes." I put her down.
"Ugh finally." She walked into the airport.
"Ugh, your such a cutie Ayla Woodruff." I mumbled.

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