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Hey guys, my name's Lele and this is another of my Werewolf books, and I hope you guys stay put until the end.

In the Media is a "Shawn Mendes vs. Ed Sheeran Video."

Let me know who you think won! I personally love both Musicians! 

If you already know everything about the Werewolf genre you think there is to know, I suggest you skip this chapter.

If you don't, then here's the basic knowledge I've gathered on Werewolves over the years, if you're willing to spare a few minutes and read.

I just wanted to clear some things up:

-In case you didn't know, an "Alpha" is the leader of a pack. If he uses an "Alpha Command," the person has to listen if they're rank is under the Apha. (Including the Luna)-

-An Alpha's duties are providing for the pack, making sure Pack Warriors defend the pack, caring for his Luna, signing treaties/alliances, caring for his pups, train, etc.-

-A "Luna" is the Alpha's mate. Their position is to care for the pack, cook, clean, produce heirs, train, solve problems, calm the Alpha, and defend the pack alongside the Alpha at all costs.-

-A "Beta" is the Alpha's "Second-In-Command." His job is to make sure the pack and Luna are safe, train the Pack Warriors, love and care for his mate (if he has one) and carry out any orders the Alpha gives him.-

-A "Mate" is someone the Moon Goddess pairs you up with. Like a soulmate for humans, or your boyfriend or girlfriend, until you get married.-

-There will be no rejection in my story. In the Moon Goddess' eyes (Me) Werewolves need their mates, but there once was Rejection.-
-Females go into Heat exactly six months after they find their mate.-

-A "Heat" is when a Female, (for the Luna it's the strongest) has a pull to mate (have sex) with their soulmate.-

-Females are only allowed to produce offspring during that time.-

-To prevent males from being lured into satifying a mated or unmated females' scent or urges, the females have to drink a herbal tea at least twice a day.-

-If they are not ready for children, they have to be sedated for one week.-

-It's like human periods. (Minus the blood, but there are cramps and sexual urges only a mate can make go away.)-

-It takes 9 months for a human to go through a pregnancy, but for Werewolfs, it takes 6 months.-

-Age is just a number. (I'm not making a big deal about Yazmine being 21, and Liam being 23, so why should you? Not saying that anyone is!)-

-Normal mates have an age gap of 10+ years. But in this story, that's not the case.-

This book is Copyrighted © XxCalelexX No part of this book may be reproduced without written permission from the author. This book is entirely fictional, so any reference to people dead or alive is entirely coincidental. Do not steal my work. You have been warned.⚠

Now that we got that out of the way, ever read "The Alpha's Young Mate?" It's a good book, but if you think that this small age gap of 2 years is something, then try 15 years. 

The main character is like 15 or 19, and her mate is her Alpha, who is in his early 30's.

There's nothing wrong with the age, so don't quote me on hating on the book or anything.

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