Chapter 1

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As the night came into her kingdom. She woke up, getting dressed and carefully exiting their bedroom quietly. Guards slacking off from their duties as she went into the room of their sons. She picked one up and took the bag of their necessities. She went to the stables and took her horse. A guard strolling around spotted her and went to tell the other guards. As the gates were about to close, she quickly slid down fast with her horse and run away.

As the King found out, he was furious. He checked the room of their sons and saw one was only left under his wing. He picked it up as it started to cry hearing the tantrum his father had. Cradling it and singing a lullaby to the baby. His eyes started to close as his father placed him down in his crib. Exiting the room quietly, he went down for breakfast not caring about his queen.

As for the queen, she was cloaked and ran to the cabin a friend of hers had. She stopped in front of it and tied her horse to a pole. As both her and her baby went inside, she saw the baby fast asleep. Smiling at him, she layed him down on the crib that was inside. As she takes of her cloak, she spots the bags she still needs to unpack.

Sliding down on a chair beside her baby, her tired body crashes into a deep sleep.

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