1. A Fresh Start

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This is sort of like a sample chapter I guess....

I probably won't update right away but I hate sad endings and I couldn't just leave things the way I did.

(Sorry if there's any typos or mistakes I didn't have time to edit)

Breath! I internally screamed. Everything will be okay, you just need to breath.

"Afraid of flying?" The older man beside me asked with a warm smile.

"Um not exactly." I breath. "More nervous about what awaits me once we land."

"Do you want to talk about it?" He offered

"I don't want to burden you." My leg bounced uncontrollably, making my whole seat shake.

"Listening to people's problems is actually my job." He gave me that same warm smile. "I'm a physiatrist. James Montgomery." He extended his hand.

I shook it. "Mae Carter." I paused, not knowing how to start. My vampire boyfriend broke my heart, I was then kidnaped by a psychotic one... "I disappeared this summer. I left without telling anyone goodbye, without telling anyone where I was going."


"I felt trapped. I had been feeling trapped for a while. I wanted that taste of freedom. If I told anyone where I was going they would have looked. If I said goodbye, they wouldn't have let me leave."

"Do you regret leaving?"

"No." I admitted. "I regret how I left. I left in the same way my mother did. She took off one day and we didn't hear from her for months. I did the same thing. I'm selfish and now I'm afraid that no one will want to hear my apologies, that they won't forgive me, or worse."

"What could possibly be worse than that?"

"That they won't even be there to hear it. My... my ex, I want to see him again, I'm just not sure if he'll be around." What if Christopher had shut down, what if he was the same heartless monster who I originally met?

"Do you think he's moved on."

"The opposite. He doesn't deal well with heartbreak. Im afraid that I pushed him over the edge by leaving, even though I shouldn't be afraid!" I said, suddenly angry. "He left me first. He told me he loved me but then he left." I frowned out the window.

"So why bother going back to him?"

"I need to make sure he's okay. His best friend recently died... she killed herself. I need to make sure he doesn't do something just as drastic. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if he did."

James cocked his head to the side and thought for a moment. "Hmm." He breathed. "It's hard to give you the right advice when all I know are the bits and pieces."

I sighed. "I'm not expecting anything good to come of this visit." I admitted. "My best friends are really hurt, my dad's fiancé hated me before this little stunt, so I doubt she'll be happy to see me, and my dad... well, I don't know what I'm walking into. He was heartbroken when my mother left... now his daughter disappeared too."

"They don't know you're coming?" He asked in shock.

"Not a clue."

"You're brave." The psychiatrist gave me another smile. "From what I've gathered you have experienced what you're putting all of your loved ones through."

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Tell them the truth. Tell them why you left. Tell them what you wanted to hear from your mother."

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