1- three vodka cranberries

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"What is it like, 80 degrees in here?" I muttered as I shed my dark jacket. No one answered, or if they did, I didn't hear them. Since it was already ten o'clock, the music thumping through the speakers and room full of drunk assholes made it impossible to hear.

We stood around for five minutes before we saw a group leaving one of the few high-tops scattered around the edge of the room. After claiming it, I volunteered to get the drinks.

The L-shaped bar was crowded and they were understaffed. I shoved my way through until I was eventually leaning on the wood. Then I saw him.

The first thing I always noticed were his arms. The left one was decorated with a sleeve, a sexy black and grey tattoo with wolves, trees, and mountains. His hands, big and rough, moved with expert finesse as he poured drink after drink. Today, he was wearing a black tank-top, one that wasn't tight, but didn't exactly hide how toned his torso was. Then my eyes traveled up to his face, his perfectly sculpted face, with a trimmed beard and messy brown hair and lips that looked oh-so-kissable-

A poke on my shoulder broke me away from my trance. I turned to see a blonde guy smiling at me, standing next to me at the bar.

"Sorry, it's loud in here. What were you saying?" I recovered quickly, trying to hide the fact that my face was beet red from embarrassment.

"I was saying you look good." The guy smiled at me, showing off perfectly white teeth. "Can I buy you a drink?"

"No thanks."

"Oh come on, just one. How about a cosmo?"

How about you fuck off? Instead of saying what I really wanted to, I simply said 'No'.

"What, you got a boyfriend or something?"

Frustrated, I turned toward him in what I hoped was a threatening way. "Leave me alone, okay?"

"Can I get you something?"

A deep voice interrupted my urge to punch the prick in the face. I unclenched my fist and found the source of the voice. None other than the sexy bartender, looking at me with the same emotionless face that I was used to. His dark, haunting eyes showed nothing yet somehow made me blush. Again.

Before I could place my order, he spoke again. "The usual?"

My eyebrows knitted together in confusion as I was rendered momentarily speechless.

"Three vodka cranberries, right?" He was looking at me impatiently, and it was then that I remembered I was not his only customer. I finally nodded, still confused as hell. We had only come to this bar about five times now. So much for my theory of him not knowing I existed.

I glanced to the side for a moment as he was busy making my drinks. The guy next to me had disappeared at some point, finally realizing I had no interest. As I plotted what I could possibly say to the bartender now that I had a confidence boost, he was already back telling me the total.

"What's your name, by the way?"

"Tyler." His mouth twitched up an inch, which I guessed was his version of a smile. "Yours?"

"Aly." My smile was just as faint. "I'm sure I'll be seeing you." As I handed him a twenty, I tried to keep breathing even as his fingers lightly brushed against mine. With one last smile, I grabbed the three drinks and was about to walk away when something caught my eye. On the far end of the bar, looking completely out of place in a sea of rowdy college kids, were the two men I had seen outside. Even more disconcerting was the fact that Tyler was now talking to them.

I watched for a moment. Watched as Tyler tried to shoo them away, watched as they refused. Their faces were turning red with anger as Tyler stubbornly stayed behind the bar, working.

I watched as eventually, he gave up and followed them outside. Suddenly, the hot bartender got a helluva lot hotter.

Look out danger, here I come.

I decided to redo this chapter cause the first draft was shit

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I decided to redo this chapter cause the first draft was shit. I'm in the process of editing the rest too, if you don't see shotgun shells at the top, I haven't touched that chapter yet and things might not make sense!

Thanks for reading and I'd love to hear what you all think of Tyler and Aly!

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