1- three vodka cranberries

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As I looked at the makeup bag that my roommate gave me, I realized I had no idea what any of the contents are. At least twenty brushes of different sizes and shapes were at the top, some bushy like a rabbit's tale, others small and firm. I put them on my dresser and rifled through the rest, pulling out rainbow colored powders and liquids.

At least I knew which one was mascara.

"Carly, I need you." I called through the door of my bedroom. Seconds later, my blonde-haired blue-eyed roommate came in wearing her bathrobe, her face all made up and hair curled and neat.

"That didn't take long."

She had given me the bag just two minutes ago.

"At least I tried." If it weren't for that damn bet we made an hour ago to see who could shotgun a beer faster, I would have gone with the basics. Mascara and foundation were more than enough for me.

Carly sat in front of me on the floor before getting to work, expertly applying whatever she had in there to my face. "You're lucky you're a natural beauty."

"You can thank my Brazilian mother for that."

Thirty minutes later, my eyelashes were too long and my skin felt clogged. I took one look in the mirror and barely recognized the girl staring back at me.

When we stepped out in the living roommate, my other roommate whistled at me. She wore a green dress to contrast her dark skin, with black hair tied into tight braids that fell halfway down her back.

"Love the converse, girl." Jess smiled.

Just cause I was wearing a dress didn't mean I was forgoing my favorite pair of shoes.

"Let's get drunk you sexy bitches."

We pregamed with shots as Carly finished getting ready. Smirnoff with sprite chasers. Down the hatch, one right after the other. The only way for broke college students to go out on a Saturday night. Even better, we lived a quarter mile away from the best bars in town. After throwing on a light jacket, we walked out the door and into the world.

Five minutes in, I saw a man that caught my attention.

He had a gun tucked into his waistband, hidden by a brown leather jacket. All I could see was the bulge but I knew it was there. His friend had one, too. Both guys were large, probably twice my size, scowling angrily at anyone and everyone in their way.

"What are you staring at?" Carly asked me.

"Just some guy's ass."

"Oh, did we see the hottie already?" Jess teased from my right.

"I wish."

The men had disappeared into the same bar we were headed for. That wasn't going to dissuade me though. Let them rob the place. Let them try to steal my purse. We'll see who ends up on the ground.

Besides, there was someone I had to see.

After passing my road soda to Carly to finish off, I looked back at the entrance of Dave's bar and scanned the various college students standing outside in the frigid autumn air. A group of them was clustered close to the window with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths. A couple was holding hands as they walked to the alley beside it, smiling like horny kids about to get it on in public. Carly and Jess were talking to each other while I walked in the middle, distracted and slightly wobbly.

A random guy opened the heavy red door, bowing his head and gesturing for us to go inside. Carly muttered a 'thank you' before stepping into the room that smelled of stale beer and whiskey. Undertones of sweat seeped into my nostrils as I realized how freaking hot it was compared to inside.

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