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"I was surprised when you called for a meeting, had to clear my schedule." Gwen smiles widely at Xander, as she gestures to the seats across to her. Xander and a grumpy Cara take their seats.

Despite her protest of not wanting to come back to this bitch doctor, she is right in front of her. She doubts that Gwen is qualified.

"Thanks for honoring." He replies.

"Didn't think you wanted to go through with it," Gwen sends a fake smile towards Cara's direction which Cara caught. Cara glares in return, both having a silent war with each other.

Cara looks away, as her stomach rumbles. See, her baby doesn't like the bitch as well. No wait, she is just hungry, all the more reason that they should leave.

"We don't actually, she is pregnant. We just need to see if the baby is healthy."

Gwen's smile freezes on her face, "Oh, you guys went with the natural way?" She can't hide her anger now, which makes Cara smile.

"WE HAD SEXUAL INTERCOURSE," Cara says slowly ensuring she heard every word, so as to piss her off.

Gwen rolls her eyes as the woman she tags a nuisance, wondering what Xander sees in her. She believes he deserves a sophisticated woman, like her.

"Well, let's have an ultrasound." She says, ignoring Cara's words. Cara smiles in victory.

"I'll meet you outside," Xander says to Cara who's already heading out. Cara rolls her eyes at both of them as she walks out of the room.

"What do you want?" Gwen eyes him seductively.

"Is there a way to get a paternity test done?" Xander asks lowly. He doesn't trust anyone which includes the curly-haired girl.

Gwen's lips shape into a smirk, with the knowledge that Xander doesn't trust Cara, "Yeah but not until the 7th or 8th week of pregnancy and she's on her 3rd"

"Okay then," Xander says, reaching his jacket to take out cash.

"That won't be necessary." She waves him off with a smile on her face. Xander nods, walking out her office.

Xander walks up to Cara who's staring at the paparazzi waiting outside, with her arms crossed. Cara feels Xander's presence beside her, "Someone must have alerted them." She whispers.

"Andre did, it's good that they see us together." Xander adjusts his suit.

"I look like crap," She also feels like crap, and for the first time, Cara Green doesn't want to be in front of the cameras. "Can we not?" She turns, but once she realized how close she is to him, she goes back to her previous position.

He stares at her frame for a while, "Okay, we will go through the back door." He mutters.

Cara turns again, this time taking several steps back, "Thanks," She smiles.

"Don't thank me. You are right, you do look like crap and I can't be seen with you looking like that." Xander says, walking ahead.

Cara's smile turns to a frown, "Ass." She mutters under her breath as she follows him.


"I don't like that doctor," Cara voices out the minute they get into the car. Xander ignores her complaints as always, his focus on his phone. Cara just wants to grab his phone and throw it out the window.

She is not used to silence, so the atmosphere in the car makes her comfortable. Cara shifts forward, placing her hands on the front seat, having a look at their driver.

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