A crocodile's heart [Crocodile x Reader]

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You opened your jacket and took a small package from the inside pocket. You had bought it specially for him. You made your way back to where he was and left the package on his desk carefully. He raised an eyebrow and glanced at you before picking it up and opening it.

"I saw them during my last mission. Thought you would like them."

For the first time that day you saw his expression soften, the ghost of a smile appearing on his face.

"My favorites." He said.

You couldn't help but smile at his reaction. Surprisingly, he stood up and closed the distance between you two. Without previous warning, he leaned and kissed your forehead, his big hand on the back of your head.

Those small acts of kindness always startled you. Your previous encounters had been more about physical attraction than anything else, but recently he had started to show more affection than he had showed anyone in the history of the company.

You looked up and into those gray eyes that you had come to love even when you feared them. His hand left the back of your head slowly, caressing your cheek slightly before falling to his side once again.

"Bring that man here if he bothers you again." Crocodile concluded before turning around and walking away to watch his Bananawanis.

And with that you walked away. As much as you wanted to, you knew it wouldn't be wise to press the man. He was going at his own pace and you wanted him to feel comfortable around you.

It didn't matter after all, because the next day you had a meeting with your client and payed  Mr. 0 a visit as he had requested.


When the man sat beside you touched your thigh for the tenth time, you forced yourself not to break his fingers one by one. Instead, you decided to go with what your dear boss had told you to do. So you casually stood up and invited the man to meet Mr. 0 in order for them to finish the preparation of the contract. Yeah, Crocodile was going to prepare a contract for sure.

But the man didn't know that, and so he more than agreed and followed you, too closed for your liking.

"Say, beautiful, where is this Mr. 0 you're talking about?" The man almost whispered in your ear.

The world didn't know just how much patience you had. You turned around faking a smile and trying to create some distance between the two of you.

"Right at the end of the hall, just follow me."

And so he did.


"Say, (C/N), what brings you here today?" The receptionist greeted you with a smile as always.

"Uh, Mr. 0 told me to come here with our client if I had anything I'd like to discuss." Man, you were a quick liar.

"Oh, well, he is not in his office right now, but he should arrive soon, so why don't you wait there?" She said while pointing at some couches that were located near the big glass windows.

"Sure, thanks."

You told the man that was with you to excuse you for a minute since you needed to go to the bathroom and left him there. You had to get away from him for at least five minutes.


Staring at your own reflexion in the mirror, you noticed how tired you looked already and it was only 11 a.m. You quickly applied a little more blusher where the previous had faded.

By the time you had finished refreshing yourself, you heard heavy steps that went past the bathroom and into the end of the hall. You assumed it was Crocodile, because the man was huge and nobody else walked like they owned the place. He did own it after all.

You put your things back in your bag and quickly exited the room. Time to see what Mr. 0 had to say to his dear client.

The man was already talking to Crocodile. Just the height difference was incredible. The client waved in your direction and your boss glanced at you, his eyes meeting yours and questioning what was going on.

You quickened your pace and joined both businessmen. The conversation didn't develop to anything remarkable at the beginning, which only made Crocodile more impatient. He wanted to know why you had brought the man if he wasn't doing anything worth commenting. But that soon changed.

"You got a fine lady right here, Mr. 0." The client exclaimed. "Beautiful and smart." And then proceeded to smack your butt with his hand.

You were ready to punch the man in the face, and were turning to do so, but a golden hook was already stabbing said hand and then cornering the man against the glass window, a hand around his neck.

"Now, now, what was that?" Crocodile hissed as his grip tightened. "You see, I don't like people touching what's mine."

The client was apologizing like mad, but you knew pretty well that the chances of the man in front of you letting go and just forgiving him were less than zero. You pissed Crocodile, you died. That easy.

"Now, thinking about it, I don't even need your business, so guess I don't need you either."

A sinister smile appeared on his face as he said those words and, before you could do anything, he tightened his grip around his neck even more and dried him out until there was nothing left. It was a terrifying scene to watch.

Immediately after that, he took a handkerchief out of his pocket and cleaned his hand.

"Follow me, (Y/N)." His deep voice never failing to send shivers down your spine.

You did as you were told and watched as the man plopped himself down heavily in his office couch. He motioned for you to come closer. You stood in front of him as stiff as a stick until his expression changed from anger to concern.

"Did he do something else to you?" His voice was sharp, clearly not wanting to hear a positive answer.

"No, what you saw was the most he had ever done..." You looked down at your feet, feeling like a little child that was in trouble for no reason.

"Good." He took your hand in his and pulled, making you pretty much fall on top of him. You shifted your position, now sitting on his lap.

"Listen me well, (Y/N). You are mine." He buried his face in the crook of your neck and wrapped his left arm around you, his hook resting on top of your left thigh. You exhaled air you hadn't noticed you had been holding in and relaxed in his arms.

And, with that, the crocodile closed his jaws and trapped you inside. And you knew better than anybody that crocodiles don't let go of their prey once they've got a grip on it.

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