A crocodile's heart [Crocodile x Reader]

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(C/N) = (Code/Name)


Crocodiles are territorial creatures, and their preys are mostly ambushed and then drowned or swallowed whole. Most people would know best than to mess with one of this dangerous creatures, but there are still some that dare to try.

And then there was you, who had voluntarily walked into the crocodile's mouth. For some reason, nevertheless, he had decided to keep his jaws open.


You walked down the hall that led to his office. His secretary greeted you with a warm smile.

"(C/N)! Are you here to see Mr. 0?" She asked as she looked through the papers on her desk.

"Yes, I'd like to talk to him about our new... client." You replied while taking off your hat. That day was specially hot outside.

"Well, he has a meeting in an hour, but he is free right now. I'll let him know that you're her-" She rose from her spot but was interrupted by the creak of the office's doors.

"(C/N), come in."

His deep voice sent shivers down your spine. You would never get used to it, nor to the effect it had on you.


Crocodile closed the enormous doors behind you and motioned for you to take a sit in front of his desk. He sat down on his chair and leaned back.

"So, what brings you here today?" His gray eyes scanned your face.

"Our new client. That's what I came here for. I was wondering if it was possible that any other agent took care of him..." You looked at him carefully, trying to guess what was going on inside his head. The man was almost expressionless, what made it almost impossible to know if he was going to stab you in the next minute.

"Uh? And why so? Can't you do the job?" He straightened in his chair. That was a dangerous question. For Crocodile, if you couldn't do the job, you weren't useful, and there was only one exit of Baroque Works. You knew better than that.

"It's not that I can't. I just don't feel comfortable with him. He's very... touchy-feely and, since he is our client, I can't do anything about it, can I?" It was true. The man had a tendency to touch wherever he felt like and it was disgusting. You were trying to do business with him, you were not a piece of meat.

"Is he?" That had clearly caught Crocodile's attention, because for a moment his jaw tightened. He lit one of his cigars and took a deep drag. "Well, I am more interested now in seeing what he does next, so why don't you bring him here for the next meeting?"

You frowned for a moment but nodded nevertheless. That wasn't the answer you had been hoping for, but it was a direct order from him, so you would have to agree no matter how you felt about it.

"(Y/N), is that all?" Crocodile's deep voice calling you by your real name caught you off-guard. You blinked a couple of times, realizing in that moment that you had been spacing out.

You nodded once again and stood up. He did the same and waited for you to leave. You stepped aside from the chair and turned around ready to continue with your duties, but stopped halfway.

"Actually, there's one more thing..." The man was in the process of sitting back on his leather chair when you spoke.

"What is it?"

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