10/10 (Ten)

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You walked in front of Ten, leading him into the building.  He wore a hoodie and a face mask, scrambling behind you as you showed him the location to the photoshoot.  You and Ten went way back.  Kindergarten, actually.  And ever since then, Ten had joked he had wanted to be a famous idol and do those really cool photoshoots.  And you had joked that you'd be the one who took the pictures.  And now here the both of you were.

"My first photoshoot with Y/N," Ten breathed.  "Gotta put that in the scrapbook."

You laughed and handed him over to the makeup artists, but in your opinion, Ten could do the photoshoot without makeup wearing a potato sack, and he'd still come out awesome in the shots.  You'd done photoshoots of so many idols- Big Bang, EXO, BTS, and even some other members in NCT.  Usually, your female co-workers became overly flustered during the male idol shoots because... well, it was obvious wasn't it?  But you had always kept your cool.  They didn't really seem to phase you.

"Alright, he's ready," the makeup artists brought him out from the back, and you did a double take, but maintained your poker face.  

"Everyone, positions!" you ordered before taking your own spot behind the camera.  The director ran through the poses Ten needed to work, and man was he working them well.  You snapped the pictures, making sure to capture every angle.

There was a break for Ten's outfit change, and the director walked over to you.  "Y/N, are you feeling alright?  You don't look so good.  Your face is red, and you look like you're running a mild fever."

You touched your forehead and cheeks and realized they were pretty hot.  (But not as hot as Ten)  Bowing, you excused yourself to go to the bathroom and splash some cold water on your face.  "You can't let the shoot become a flop just because you have the biggest crush on Ten," you said out loud, staring at your reflection in the bathroom mirror.  Water dripped down your face, and at this point, you weren't sure if it was water or tears.  You had liked Ten for so long.  Probably since he suggested his wacky plan of becoming an idol to you.  Whatever the case, you had to continue with the project, do Ten justice, and pretend like your feelings didn't exist.

"I'm back.  Let's do this.  You re-calibrated the settings on the camera before Ten began striking his poses again. 

"That's a wrap!" the director finally said after what felt like hours.

"Can I see how I came out?" Ten asked, approaching you, and you quickly covered the screen with your small hands.

"You'll see it soon enough."

"Why?  Did I come out that badly?"  Ten pouted and scratched the back of his neck in disappointment, and you honestly felt bad, so you pulled your hands away.

"No, you actually came out 10/10," you whispered, and he stared at you with wide eyes and a confused expression.  "10/10," you repeated.

Ten thanked the director and staff before pulling you out of the building and into the car.  "Y/N, what do you mean?"

"You look amazing.  Not just when you did the photoshoot.  You've always looked 10/10 to me.  I've just been too afraid to say anything, but now that I've opened my mouth, what's the point in hiding anything, hmm?"

Ten placed a hand behind your neck and smashed his lips onto yours, kissing you passionately.  You quickly comprehended what had just happened and kissed him back before you pulled away, the two of you gasping for air.  

"Y/N, you've always meant so much to me.  I wish I had said something sooner, so we didn't have to suffer alone.  So, you wanted to become a photographer to take pictures of me?  Why take pictures when you can just have the real, living, breathing Ten?"

"Can I?" you asked, the two of you now standing inside the car, and Ten sealed the gap with a hug and a sweet kiss.

"Now that's a wrap!" the director said after you two were blinded by the flash of a camera, and you turned beet red.

"Well, at least we'll be suffering in the next issue together," Ten winked.

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