Crush ~ Part 7 {D.O/Kyungsoo Fanfic}

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"I don't remember falling in love with you. I just remember holding your hand and realizing how much it was going to hurt when I would have to let go."

Summary: You're Kai's best friend and you've been invited to stay with them for a little while they are on tour. You expect just normal visit where you spend some time with your best friend that your grew up with.. But little do you know, feelings get developed from someone in the group...


"Morning, did we wake you up?" Kai asks tilting his head to the side and you gave him a glare.


"Sorry." Kyungsoo says apologizing for Kai and you giggled.

"Do you know where Chanyeol i-" before Kai could finish his sentence, Chanyeol pops up right behind you rubbing his eyes and he smiled. There is always great timing..

"I accidently fell asleep here last night.." Chanyeol tells the boys and you could feel Kyungsoo eyes on you.

"Last night?" Kyungsoo asks and just off of face expression he looked officially confused. Now they must assume Chanyeol and you have something going on.. And on top of that Kyungsoo must think that's the reason why you pulled away from the kiss in the first place.

Just what you needed..


Kai began to give you one of those looks like something's up. Kyungsoo however didn't seem to be happy. He didn't even seem to have any face expression... Instead he had a poker face, you couldn't tell how he felt about this situation.

"I should... probably get back to my hotel room." Chanyeol blurts out trying to awkwardly cut the awkward tension in the room.

Kyungsoo and Kai pushed to the side giving Chanyeol a chance to escape but it was completely quiet... The awkward tension was so thick you could easily cut it down with a knife..

"Um... I'm going to go check if the others are awake..." Kyungsoo says awkwardly says following behind Chanyeol and you felt you heart drop. Kyungsoo opinion suddenly meant the world to you... And that was because you confessed to not only to Chanyeol but to yourself that you like Kyungsoo..

Kai steps in your room and closes the door behind you. Now it was only the two of you standing there completely alone.

"Care to explain?" Kai asks looking right at you and all you could do was sigh.

"It's not what you think," You said walking to your suitcase.Why does it feel like you in a situation where you just cheated on your spouse... If anything last time you checked you are single.

"Hmm what would you assume if you came to my room and a girl comes out." Kai has a point. Damn you Kai...

You stayed quiet and continued to look through your suitcase hoping Kai would drop the conversation. It did look bad but it wasn't what it looked like. To be honest last night Chanyeol and you talked about Kyungsoo and your past. Then you two watched TV and just ate snacks till eventually you two fell asleep without noticing and that was that. Everyone was just overreacting over nothing.

Chanyeol didn't try to make a move and you didn't either. The two of you are in innocent in this situation. Like they say we are both proven innocent till proven guilty.

"Okay you have a point but I'm being serious nothing happen." You said walking over to Kai and you sat next to him both sitting on your bed.

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