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I was panting. Running as fast as my legs would let me. The dim light of the street lamp was the only thing that lit my path. I wouldn’t look behind, no, that was the worst thing to do. But before I could tell myself no, I looked over my left shoulder quickly. I stumbled, tripping and falling to the floor. I looked at my grazed knee, then up. He towered over me, his eyes full of hatred and anger, looking deep into my soul. He toward over me like a building, and then he reached out to grab me.

I woke up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily. I quickly sat up in my bed, gripping onto the covers as I looked around. I sighed, laying back, glaring blankly at my ceiling. It was only a dream, I told myself repeatedly. But it seemed so real…

I shook my head, laughing at the dumbness of my last thought, then tightly shut my eyes and attempted to fall back into a deep sleep, but every time I shut my eyes, I’d have the same dream, and it would always end the same. Nothing would change. I gave up, sitting up once again and glancing over at the clock. It read 2:56am. Great. I sat on the edge of my bed and slipped my feet into my slippers and inhaled deeply before standing up and rubbing my eyes. Then I slowly wandered into my kitchen. I looked into the darkness and saw two red eyes. My heart raced as I steadily made my way forward and quickly turned the light on. I sighed, laughing faintly as I rolled my eyes at myself. It was only the oven. I poured myself a glass of water and made my way back into my bedroom, placing it on my bedside table. Just as I’d settled back down, I heard a loud bang. It startled me and I instantly sat up. Pulling my duvet up to my chin I glared as I waited, but, then a thought hit me. I was being silly, what was I even waiting for. Nothing would be there even if I went to check. My mind was playing tricks on me, I was tired, it was early, and I needed sleep.

The banging was coming from my door. I slowly made my way over to it, a blanket draped around my shoulders. I peered through the spy hole of my door and sighed heavily. It was mark. What was he doing here at this time?! I slowly pulled open the door and he shoved his was inside, grabbing my firmly by the waist. His breath hit my face like bullets and he along with his breath smelt of all sorts of alcohol.

“Hello gorgeous.” He murmured, thrusting forward to kiss me. I pulled away quickly pushing my way out of his arms.

“Are you drunk?!” I quietly yelled.

“Maybe a little…” he smirked, walking towards me again. Before I could move he had picked up his pace and shoved me against my wall. My head hit it with a thump and I shoved him away, glaring at him. He just glared back at me with his cold eyes and laughed.

“What are you doing here mark” I sighed, walking back over to my door to lead him out of the apartment. He pulled an object out of his pocked. It glistened in the dim light coming from the hallway and I stared at it in shock. He fiddled with the knife, smirking at it, then up at me. I pushed the door slowly and leant up against it. “Mark, why do you have that?”

“No reason.” He sniggered, then his muscular arm was stretched out towards me and he griped onto my own, weak, arm. I tried to pull away from him but his grip only became tighter each time. I wailed, but he ignored me, pulling me back into my bedroom. I was thrown down onto my bad and I sat up, resting against the headboard. He crawled onto my bed in front of me and I gripped tightly onto the bed sheets, trying to get as far back as possible.

“What are you running from, love, I would never harm you!” he said as his smirk became bigger. That disgusting, blood-curdling smirk of his. I shook my head repeatedly as he neared me. He perched in front of me on the bed and leant in, breathing down my neck. I scowled, showing no fear, but inside I was terrified. What was he planning on doing with me? He moved back and I slightly relaxed but seconds later he gripped onto my legs, dragging me down the bed so I was lying before him. I screamed but he pressed his hand to my neck and a hand over my mouth. My muffled screams meant nothing to him.