Chapter 2 Percy pov

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I turned around and gasped.  It was a hooded man,  radiating a lot of power.

I felt him glare at me.  My fists clenched.  I have had enough of feeling like a ant.  Powerless,  stepped on.

"What do you want?" I snapped. 

Percy!  He could blast you to pieces if you offend him!  A voice chided inside my head.

I dont care,  stupid voice.  I was tortured for so long.  I won't let anyone step on me again.  I snapped.

You know you just called yourself stupid?  Tch. It responded.

I shook my head and looked at the cloaked figure.  He smiled sadly.  "I just want to talk to you. I just learned about you being tortured 200 years ago and searched desperately for you until today."

I froze.  "Huh?  Why?"

He sighed.  "Poseidon was never your real father and your mother was never Sally.  I am your father,  Percy."

I was shocked.  "Then what about the warm smile I remember when I was a baby?  I remember a warm glow."

He smiled.  "Think about it." He said,  and removed his hood.

He was handsome in a godly way,  tan skin,  white hair,  and red eyes.

"It was you all along." I whispered.

He nodded.  "I'm here to offer you back your rightful place as Prince and Commander of my Army."

There was a flash and three old ladies appeared.  "We are the fates. We have a message to give you." They said in a really creepy manner.

"Young Perseus shall become a Primordial.  The second most powerful being everywhere. He shall not fade.  Perseus shall become the Prince of Everything and be a good leader.  Only Chaos is a bit more powerful.  End,  Chaos's brother is way more powerful,  but he is not considered a human.  He's a beast.  And he has risen again.  You must stop him,  before we all die." They said in Unison.

Chaos frowned.  "If me and End are more powerful than Perseus,  then wouldn't that make him the third most powerful and not the second?"

They shook their wrinkly heads.  "End is not considered a being.  He's a beast.",

Chaos nodded.

"One last thing," The fates looked directly at me,  which was creepy. "Your fatal flaw is no more.  It turned.  It used to be loyalty,  now it shall be Killer."

Chaos looked legit scared. I nodded hesitantly.

Then all the Primordials appeared.  Nyx and Tartarus looked sheepish.

I smiled at them and they relaxed. Then they all surrounded me in a circle,  including Chaos and the Fates.

They started chanting and a gold glow appeared around me.  Then my blood started boiling.

I screamed in pain.  I fell to my knees. Some sort of Ichor ran through my veins.

This lasted for about four hours.  Four hours of absolute pain and agony.

At last,  it was done.  I felt powerful,  like I could just destroy Olympus with a flick of my hand.

I slowly got off the floor and everybody gasped.  Somebody handed me a mirror and a dagger.

I looked into the mirror and stifled a scream.

I had white hair and a tan,  like my dad,  Chaos.

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