Seasons Of Love B

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*play that song*

It was New Year's Eve. Day for everyone to get ready for the new year. Everyone was celebrating.
Everyone had drinks and went to a local tv store. At that moment they watched the ball drop.

Champagne bottles were opened and Natsu was recording everyone's resolution. It was a new year and that meant happiness was to be spread.

Natsu: Juvia? What's your resolution?

Juvia: I am go my back to school. To get my degree.

Natsu: oh that's nice. What about you Gray you gonna finish that song this year??

Gray pushes Natsu's camera and pulled Natsu into a side hug.

We then go to Lucy and Erza.
Lucy was flirting with everyone on the way back to Gray and Natsu's House.

Erza of course was debatable but she thought it was only the alcohol she drank.

Finally after a whole night of celebration they got to Natsu and Gray's house only find that it's padlocked.

Rogue went up and got a trash can to break the padlock.

When got in the house everything they ever owned, was gone.

Gajeel: Sorry about this. I had choice.
Wendy: No choice??? Bullshit!!
Chelia: Wendy!! Calm down!
Wendy: This is my brothers home... and you took it away from him!!!!

Chelia holds Wendy back from her making a mistake.

Levy: No... Gajeel is not lying... my father is forcing this to happen. We never meant for this to happen. I am truly sorry.
Gray: Levy... it's ok... it's not your fault.
Natsu; It just means I have to get a job.
Gajeel: That will be the only solution. We will try to talk to Levy's father, but until then... try to find a job.

And with that Gajeel and Levy left. Leaving the group of friends to find a solution.

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