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Cordelia did exactly what Pierce said. At nighttime, she somehow found the jail and found a guard fast asleep at his post. She quietly stole his keys off his body and helped her friends out of their jail cells. "Why don't you help me too?" A girl whispered from Cordelia's right. She saw the girl who was groping Pierce. Cordelia shook her head no and left. "Hey. Come on." The girl hissed.

The now freed people mouthed her thank you's while they all tiptoed out of the jail. Once they all were out of the jail, one woman turned to her. "Thank you for helping us, Cordelia. We're hoping someone is still there at the pack location." She smiled at Cordelia and gave her a quick hug before all the prisoners who were just let free, turned wolf and ran silently towards what Cordelia thought was the way to her pack location with the children who couldn't turn yet on their backs. There was only one other person who needed to go home and that was Annabelle. But Cordelia didn't know if her changing powers were still intact after she was almost killed.

She turned towards the hospital but something was pulling her to the pack house. She started for the hospital but something was telling her to go to the pack house. She convinced herself that Annabelle was asleep and turned to go to the pack house.

"Pierce. You know you love that girl. Tell her how you feel instead of pushing her away." She heard the elder Genevieve's voice through the slightly cracked open door when she got to the pack house. She only recognized it because she met her this morning. "No I don't. I don't need her in my life. I told you I'm happy with just being alone." Pierce voice spoke bitterly. There was a slight pause in the speaking. "Pierce. It's time you moved on. She's your way of learning to love again. Give her a chance." Genevieve spoke up.

There was a heavy sigh. "Okay. Maybe I do feel something for her. But... I can't let anyone in. Not yet. Not now." He breathed. "She showed up so suddenly." Cordelia slightly opened the door and the two looked at her.

Genevieve looked at Pierce and Pierce looked at her. She gestured towards Cordelia. He sighed again and stalked over to her. Cordelia smirked up at him. "What?" He mumbled. She lightly punched his chest. "Knew you had a heart." She smiled. Pierce chuckled. "I'm... I'm sorry for what I said. I don't want you to go. I.. I want to try. On us." He stuttered. "I get I'm an asshole and stuff. But I'm.. I'm willing to change." He told her and took her hand in his. It was much smaller than his. It was like a small girl's hand in her father's.

Cordelia looked at their hands. Their fingers were intertwined. It would take a lot, but she was willing to maybe work on it too. She had one shot. One shot on a mate. If things didn't work with Pierce, then she wouldn't be able to find another mate. It just worked that way. She was only 19 and not sure why but that's just how it was.

"What are you thinking?" Pierce asked her, pulling her out of her train of thought. She shrugged. "It's going to take me forever to trust you. But maybe I can try." She sighed and looked back into his eyes. He nodded.

Pierce still resented the idea of loving someone again, but there was no use of pushing it away. He needed to learn to love again and not be afraid. There would still be that pain of loosing his parents but he didn't need to kill and be introverted.

"It's getting late." Pierce spoke up finally. His voice really quiet. Cordelia unconsciously yawned. She didn't know she was tired until Pierce said that. She nodded. "It is." She agreed. She looked at the couch and started to head to it but Pierce grabbed her by the waist. "I wanna sleep." She mumbled but he just picked her up bridal style and carried her off to his room. She groaned and tried getting out of his arms. "I'll go sleep on the couch. You can sleep in here." He told her and set her on his bed when they got into the room.

Cordelia shook her head no. "It's your bed." She sighed. Pierce shrugged. "Ya. It is. So I get to decide who sleeps on it. And I say you sleep in it." He lightly growled as he tucked her in. Cordelia yawned again and her eyes started to get heavy. "Night." Piece said and exited the bedroom before Cordelia fully fell asleep.

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