Chapter 13: Long Time No See

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It was Tuesday morning as Harmony sat in the fourth chair on the fifth row from the professor's podium. She tapped the orange highlighter on her notebook, which was opened to a clean sheet of paper with the day's date written neatly in the margin. A meandering of students sat scattered around. Some were chatting, some were busy on their phones, and some were reading their textbook like her.

She casually looked up at the doorway as a few students entered in and behind a girl with a swinging ponytail was Cairo in mid-yawn. He closed his mouth and waved in her direction. Harmony smiled and placed her eyes back on the minuscule, black letters in the book.

She hadn't seen him since the bowling alley two weeks ago, which was the longest time they ever went without putting eyes on one another. He didn't call. He didn't even text. She was annoyed but there was another emotion that plagued her...frustration. There was no reason for her to be mad at him, it wasn't like he was her boyfriend but the common sense of it all didn't matter. Her feelings didn't follow the rules and she wasn't happy with him right now.

Cairo plopped down in the seat next to her. "Aren't we talking about the Kushites, today." He slapped his backpack on the table.

"Nubia." Harmony told highlighting the last paragraph on the page.

Cairo unzipped his backpack, "That's just the region along the Nile and not a kingdom, right."

"Um..." Harmony uncrossed her legs and turn her chair straight ahead, abandoning the position it was in—angled in his direction. "Look, I'm trying to read." She roughly turned the page.

"The quiz isn't until next week." He chuckled sitting his book and laptop on the desk, dropping his backpack on the floor. "You'll ace it like always."

"Thanks, for your confidence." She snapped, clicking the top back on the highlighter. "But...I ace them because I study."

"True." He snuck a peek at her book then flipped his book to the same page. "I've been hanging out with Heaven too much...I got a 'C' on my communications assignment."

"I'm not surprised." She whispered.

Cairo stopped logging into his laptop, "Uh?"

"You should study more." She tapped his book with her highlighter, "Pretty girls like nerds, haven't you heard."

Cairo stopped typing, "We should study together...tonight."

"I can't." Harmony traced over the date in her notebook with the dulling pencil lead. "It's the second Tuesday of the month."

"You're going to the BSU meeting."

She nodded.

"I'll pick you up and we can go together."

"That'd be cool...but." She twisted her mouth to the side. "Sinclair already said he'd pick me up."

The eagerness drained from his face as his shoulders drooped, "Then...we can meet up there."

"Sure." Harmony lowered her eyes back on the book. "It seems like a plan."

She wished it was a date but maybe that was wishful thinking.

How will things go with Harmony and Cairo's plans for the evening?

How will things go with Harmony and Cairo's plans for the evening?

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