You Belong To Me

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You belong to me.

Pagan's words were in her mind when Lilith opened her eyes the next morning. He'd infiltrated her dreams. His lean body between her legs, deep inside of her, filling her with the love she never felt. It had been so real, the warmth of his tongue inside of her mouth, his lips on her neck and breasts. It was as if he had possessed her.

Lilith exhaled slowly the heat of her dreams caused every cell in her body to ignite. Laying there in the bed she felt alone and unfulfilled. She quickly noticed that someone had been in her room. A fire going in the fireplace against the wall. A white dress had been neatly placed on the back of the chair facing the bureau.

Lilith forced herself out of bed and dressed. Bored, she went out onto the balcony and stared across the wide expanse of land. There looking down on the world below, she felt untouchable. It was becoming her favorite place on Earth.

A light rain was fell from the sullen sky. There, in the distance, she saw a solitary figure walking purposely from the edge of the property into the woods.

It was Pagan.

Her eyes were transfixed on him when she suddenly felt a presence in the room. She turned to see a beautiful blond stood in the middle of the room watching her.

"You're awake!" She said with wide smile. Lilith attempted to return her.

"My name is Morgane." The woman said. "I am the caretaker here at the Cloaks and all under the domain of the Pendragons. I will be looking after you."

Looking after me?

Lilith began to wonder if she was a captive. Would she be allowed to leave if she wanted? More importantly did she want to leave?

"Follow me." Morgane said strolling out of the bedroom. The castle was a maze of rooms and corridors and stairways.

It was immaculately kept and filled with expensive treasures. On the way down the main staircase was a portrait of the diminutive Percival, his cold eyes threatening even from the painting. Lilith shivered.

"Why is it so dark in here?" Lilith asked.

"We don't get many visitors." Morgane explained glancing over her shoulder. "Besides, we prefer the dark." Lilith followed close behind her eyes fixated on Morgane's long, black fingernails gliding over the bannister of the long, winding staircase.

They made their way into a large dining hall. A great breakfast was splayed out across the table: trays of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, fruit, and crepes. The delicious smells hung in the air. The thought of eating made Lilith want to gag.

Morgane pulled drapes back exposing a view of the rolling green hills and towering trees leading into the forest.

She sat down in the chair Morgane pulled out for her. Morgane took her spot at the head of the table and watched Lilith through narrowed eyes.

"Please eat," Morgane smiled.

"I've already ate. Someone brought breakfast to my room."

Morgane lips stretched into a smile. She made no effort to hide her examination of the young woman.

"Why are you staring at me?" Lilith asked softly.

"You're such a beautiful girl." Morgane said matter-of-factly. "I can see why he brought you here."


She must be talking about Pagan. Had he called her beautiful too, Lilith wondered. Nobody besides her father had ever called her beautiful before. Certainly not her mother.

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