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I am so excited for you to hear this edited version of the story, read by the amazing Cassandra Morris. She is the narrator for Pretty Little Liars and about 200 other books and sounds just like Waverly did in my head!

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Hello there and thank you for reading my Watty award-winning story! I hope you enjoy Waverly's tale

Hello there and thank you for reading my Watty award-winning story! I hope you enjoy Waverly's tale. I love votes and comments! So have at it. And thanks to all the people who work at Wattpad for the award! I am thrilled and honored!

Oceans of thanks for checking out the FIRST DRAFT of this story!

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I could not believe my parents were making me change schools in my senior year. I've been at South Pacifica High for three years. I'm the captain of the water polo team, a champion diver, on the debate team, and I've never been out on a date. Now my chances for ever finding a boyfriend are about zero. You would think with my debate skills, I could change my parents' minds. But the abbreviated version of the conversation went like this:

"But, Mom!" I said, in a kind of whiney telepathic voice. (That's how we mermaids communicate underwater. By sending out brain signals. We can modulate them in any old way, and because I'm seventeen, I'm really good at "whiney" and "condescending." I'm trying to nail "sexy," but I think my inner sexy voice sounds like I've been swimming laps from the coast to the Farallon Islands for a week solid. It's all breathy and a little desperate too.)

"Waverly Marie Fishwater," my mom thought at me. She had the "angry mom" voice down pretty good by now. I am the youngest of sixteen brothers and sisters. "Your father cannot give up this opportunity. We are moving North, and you will like it." She brushed my floating green hair away from my shoulders and kissed my forehead. "You'll be fine, honey," her thought-voice softened. "Everyone loves you. You'll make new friends."

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