01: Racing

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Note: On the side is the gorgeous Matthew Daddario, who I picture as Damien Hilfiger.


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"While money can't buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery."

― Groucho Marx

01: Racing

"Morning ladies and gentlemen, my name is Dixie Hilfiger-"

"And I'm Caius Clarke!"

"And welcome back to another day where my brother proves that he is definitely the world's biggest idiot!" I grinned, laughing at the way Caius snorted without shame. 

"Okay, honestly, you're overreacting and it's starting to hurt my feelings," Damien pouted like a child. Before I could scold him for looking away from the road, Caius did the liberty of smacking him hard on his shoulder and saved me the trouble.

Right off the top of my head, I could've listed at least twenty ways I'd envisioned my last journey to Victore Academy from the Gstaad airport going. I expected some trouble, which was unavoidable when that was all Damien and Caius were notorious for, laced with the bittersweet realisation that we were beginning our last year. 

I'd expected perhaps running out of gas, the car breaking down, forgetting our suitcases - I'd prepared for possibly anything that could jeopardise us on the way.

But having Damien take control of the wheel and have the three of us completely and utterly lost in the countryside of chilly and quiet Switzerland was not one of them.

"I think we were here 15 minutes ago... Are we going in circles?" Damien mumbled to no one in particular. Caius and I shared a silent grin before I turned my attention back to the pages of my thick paperback novel, aimlessly trailing over the words. 

"Why don't you just use the GPS?" I chewed on my lip, flipping the page.

A moment of silence responded to me. As I looked up from my book, I caught Damien and Caius sharing a wary look.

"Oh no," I shut the book. "What?"

Damien seemed anything but eager to reply. "...It doesn't work," he said in a small voice.


"Caius kinda spilled Red Bull on it last year, when we were driving to the airport..." 

"It's not working," Caius in the passenger seat cried out, furiously tapping on the screen.

I looked at the clown-like boy in horror. "Of course it won't work, you spilled some crappy energy drink on it, you dumbass!"

"I'm just trying to help!"

I groaned and hit my head back on the seat, wanting this nightmare to end. This was far from the trip I envisioned - I hadn't realised it before, but now it had hit me. We were completely lost, stuck without a single idea in the middle of the greenery of Switzerland.

"What if we can't graduate because we can't find the school?" Damien quietly fretted in the driver's seat.

Any other day, I would've teased my brother relentlessly for his idiocy. As far back as my memories went, I could always remember Damien being the reckless one, living his life without a care. He was quick to jump on any decision and his rapid change of hearts always fell back down to me.

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