7: Well they can love it, or leave it, or rip it apart

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     "Gabriel!" Mr.Saporta says to his son once he gets home from work, walking into Gabe's room.

     Gabe smiles "Yes?" He asks. Gabe's sitting at his desk, doing his geology homework.

     "Why did I get a call from school saying that you insulted a teacher?" He has his arms crossed in the doorway talking to his youngest son. "I don't like to get calls at work, Eduardo," Mr. Saporta says.

     Gabe groans. "I had practice and I came in late, I was just in a bad mood, okay, I'm sorry! Lo siento." Gabe exclaims, his father shakes his head.

     "Just make sure it doesn't happen again, that band will break up if I need it to." Mr. Saporta closes Gabe's door as he leaves. Gabe huffs as he writes about the different kinds of soils and minerals found in the ground.

     Gabe never had a good relationship with his mother, she left last year to be exact. His parents never had a happy marriage, always arguing about the smallest things, Gabe promised himself he'd never have a marriage like that.

     Learning about the earth is boring to Gabe, that's why he likes music, there's no boring stuff, well that, and William Beckett is also there. Gabe's comfortable with his sexuality, don't get that twisted. He's just not used to it, he's used to fooling around with anyone who wants to do it with him. He's never gone chasing after a boy, more specifically William.

     The brown eyed boy had entranced Gabe, maybe it was William taking charge and not caring what anybody else thought, or maybe it was the long hair and legs, but either way, Gabe is totally into William Beckett.

     Gabe hates geology, but he doesn't hate that William's chemistry class is near it. He doesn't mind walking with Sisky and William to class, he's fine being in the background for a little while. But yeah - Gabe hates studying rocks.


     "Hey!" Gabe says enthusiastically on the phone. The person on the other line hasn't responded. "What's up?" Sisky asks. Gabe can hear shuffling in the back.

     "Put your mom on the phone! I got a deal for her." Gabe demands, Sisky gives the phone to his mom, but before, he says, "One sec!"

    "Hi, Mrs. Siska! I'm working in an hour and I know Jason just went to college, it must be so much. I can give you a discount if you'd like?" Gabe says

     "Won't you get in trouble?" Mrs. Siska asks.

     Gabe shakes his head (even though Alice can't even see him), "Friends and family discount, Mrs. Siska," Gabe says.

     Mrs. Siska nods and smiles, "Thank you, Gabriel."


     Gabe puts on his apron every day at 5pm, he takes it off at 7pm. Gabe loves his job, even though he isn't one to eat meat, he loves his job. He serves customers of every culture, despite it being a kosher deli, he enjoys having new people to talk to every day, but he also enjoys his regulars. Gabe smiles as the door open, the shop is mostly empty, but when The Siskas come in, it's as if the whole deli is filled up.

     "William, shut the fuck up! I don't give a shit if you have chemistry homework!" Sisky says, both of the two boys are walking in the shop, their mother trailing behind them. Mrs. Siska scolds the two boys. He can't make out the words in the hushed tone the discussion has turned into in a matter of seconds.

     She walks up to the counter, the two teenagers trailing behind her, Gabe never noticed how similar Sisky looked like his mom, even if Sisky will deny everything with a solid right hook.

     "Gabriel, honey thank you so much for the tip," Mrs. Siska says to him, putting her purse on the counter and getting out her wallet. "Half a pound of sliced chicken, and a loaf of challah bread." She gives Gabe a warm smile, looking at his face.

    "Are you okay, hun?" She asks, "You're always welcome to eat dinner if your father comes home late." She says to the boy, knowing what happened last year to his family. Knowing how his mom left and took everything, the nasty divorce. Knowing that they had to start from scratch like it was 1988 all over again.

     "Thank you, Mrs. Siska. I'm fine though," Gabe says, he turns to Alex.

     "Alex, half a pound of Empire," Gabe says to Alex, getting the loaf of challah bread from the back. By the time Gabe comes back out, William is standing at the counter, while Alice and Sisky are nowhere to be seen. His fingers are tapping on the counter from the beat blaring from his headphones.

"Here's your bread," Gabe says to William, William looks away from his fingers, and up at Gabe.

     "Thank you," He says, Gabe grins at the brown eyed boy.

     "You failing chemistry?" Gabe asks William is taking money out from Mrs. Siska's wallet.

     "No. I just keep getting distracted helping Sisky with his homework." William says, "I'm surprised he can even speak English," he laughs, "he has to have me check over his papers," William drags his sentence on until Gabe gives him the receipt to sign.

     "Did you get in trouble?" William asks Gabe.

      Gabe sighs, "Not really, I just got lectured from my Dad." Gabe says quietly.

     William nods, "That sucks, sorry" William replies back.

     "It's no big deal." Gabe says, it's not like it was William's fault. William is about to say something but Gabe cuts him off, "You look nice today." Gabe says to William getting the pale boy's cheeks to turn red.

     "T-Thanks." He says whole heartily.

     The bell opens, and the two's eyes snap back to the entry. Sisky's walking in, he has a bulls jersey under his white jacket. It's probably William's, Gabe thinks.

     "I gotta go," William says to Gabe, looking back at Sisky. William grabs the food from Gabe. "I'll see you in class." William says leaving.

     Gabe smiles at him "Yeah."

     Gabe watches William and Sisky leave the deli shop, and he goes back to his 5-7 shift just waiting for something else, anything else.

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