Chapter 12

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Hey guys Angela here I have changed what Oliver and luck looks like and the book cover so I hope you like it and not mad and that's a photo of Oliver room
Oliver's pov


Right when I hear him screaming  I shut up holding my ribs yeah that shit hart like a bitch. " What the fuck what happen are you ok why did you scream? " I say to him he really scared the shit out of me I lay down for one minute and this happens give me a break. He sighs and puts his hand on his chest " you scared the living shi" he didn't finish his sentence he knows better then to swear in front of me. What has gotten in to him lately he has not been following the rules "s-sorry I didn't mean to sor." I cut him off " it's find just tell me why you screamed " " will I was scared that you past out or something I didn't mean to I"m sorry." He said in a shaky voice why is he scared is he always scared of me is why he wanted to Break up with me. I didn't think he was so scared of me that much all the it's not like I beat him every second. I don't even beat him every day ok maybe I do but it's not my problem that he doesn't follow the rules. Ok maybe I let my anger get the best of me sometimes but still not my fault. I just want to make sure that he doesn't leave me I love him so much and he is pretty much all I have.

My parents are never home they just call me like ones a every week to make sure that im not dead or anything. And my brothers they do call me to see how I'm doing they are my half brothers but they love the same as they love each other . My dad cheated on my mom I guess she had mental health problems because my dad Took me away from her and move me with him and his new family when I was 2. Then when I was three she decided to take her own life they say she couldn't get over not being with me. I do not remember her I don't even call her my mother I just call it Kathleen but the woman I do call my mother is Kayla. She is my brothers real mom she treats me like I'm her real son  I love my firmly you know I just miss them I'm not a pussy or anything. that's why I got so mad when Luke told me he wanted to Break up with me. I just love him so much I really didn't mean to hurt him so badly I was snap out of my thoughts by Luke talking " umm Oliver are you ok ?" He says I look up at him " yeah I"m ok should we start" he looks down at me and gives me one of his cute smiles god I love him so fucking much he can't leave me he is all I have.

Luke's pov

I give him a smile to try to make sure that he is clam I didn't mean to almost swear oh god if I did no I don't want to think about it right know I just need to help him out . " O-ok so I'm thinking that I can start with the smallest cuts and then we can move on to the  cuts that need stitches then we can talk about the ribs?"  I say to him more as a question the a statement he looks up at and nods his head I walk over to him and sit on the bed next to him I put the first aide kit on the ground next to my legs I start to clan up his small cuts.  It takes about 20 minutes to do not because there is a lot just because every time I clean one he jumps and we had to take breaks for someone that has a lot of tattoos he can't take pain too well.

Here comes the point we both do not like he only has one cut on his knuckle that needs to be stitched up. I take out the needle and thread he sees the needle he instantly tenses up I need him to stay calm so I say." Ok  Oliver this is going to hart but I only have do it once" I really don't want to to this but I really don't have a say in this now do. (Ok so I'm going to  skip the Gross stuffy)  "Ok Oliver I'm done" I say to him he sighs and lays back on the bed. I get up and go to put the first aide kit back in to the bathroom I walk back in to his room and see that he moved under the covers.  I walk over to him and lean down and kiss his forehead and  whisper to him " o-ok I'm going home now so I think your rids will be ok but I think you should go see a doctor on Monday but goodnight and goodbye." He nods his head I kiss his forehead one more time I turned to walk out of the room  when he grabs my hand it makes me stop in place. I look back at him I see that he has his eyes closed " thank you Luke I love you so much I don't know what I will do with out you please don't leave me I don't think I could live with out you. " He says " I love you to Oliver and I will not leave you I promise" I say he smiles and nods his head he let's go of my hand right when he does that his  face softens and I can tell that he is asleep....... to be continue

Hey guys I hope you like this new chapter I hope you guys are not mad about the change but I think it was the right thing to do I just want to tell you guys that next chapter is going to be long but good so stick around to read it please comment and vote will bye-bye for now..........

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