27~Not forcing the Old.

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Dylan's POV

"It's this way, Dylan," Marie-Anne says trying to teach me how to fly a kite.

"Like this?" I ask doing something completely different. She lets out a loud sigh frustrated that I can't get what she's been telling me for over an hour now. I'm not good at flying kites, but I'm not that hard headed, I'm just playing with her. "I'm so stupid," I say.

"Yeah, you are," she agrees with me. "Keep rolling it out so it can become longer," she says as the kite starts to fly away. I purposely let the whole thing go and watch as the kite fly away, "Dylan!" Marie-Anne yells putting her hand on her hips.

"Sorry?" I ask sarcastically. "It's just a kite," I say when she is still angry. She rolls her eyes at me while taking a seat on the sand. She sits criss cross applesauce playing with her hands. "I'm sorry about Tyler leaving," I tell her taking a seat next to her. I don't know why, but she has been sad since he left. She barely talks back and she doesn't even do her lame jokes anymore. She ignores me looking at the ocean, I take her sunglasses on so I can see her eyes.

"Give me Dylan," she says.

"Why are you wearing sunglasses anyway, there's no sun," she gets up from her position staying on her knees. She reaches her hands to get them, but I hold them so she isn't able to get them.

"Stop," she whines. I chuckle that she is getting frustrated with me.

"When was the last time you slept?" I ask her when I noticed the bags under her eyes. She pulls her hands away from me, sitting back done turning her face away from me. "Marie-Anne?" I ask her. "What's wrong?" She ignores me.

"I have to get home," she says getting up. I quickly get up also following her as she walks to my place.

"But, you just got here," I tell her as I jog to catch up with her. I never knew that she could walk that fast. "Marie-Anne!" I yell, "talk to me, what's wrong?" I ask her. She walks faster opening the door. She gets inside grabbing her bag and keys. "You know I picked you up right?" I asked standing by the door to stop her from moving. I don't how she is going to get home if I don't drop her off.

"I'm taking an Uber home," she says trying to pass through me.

"Okay fine, I'll drop you off," I say realizing that she really want to get home. "Let me get my keys."

"No, I want to take an Uber."

"You'll do anything to get away from me," I joke.  She nods her head and I grab my keys from the counter. I don't know why she won't talk to me if something is wrong with her.  "Let's go," I say opening the front door. Sighing, she follows me out the front door. We walk to the parking lot and I open the door for her. 

She puts her seatbelt on in silent. "Marie-Anne, what's wrong?" I ask her once again. "I know you don't trust me or whatever, but you know you can talk to me about anything right?" I ask her. I just want her to trust me with her problems and whatever is bothering her, I want to be that person that she can come to when she needs someone to talk to, I want to be the shoulder that she can lean on, I want to be there for her. 

"I know," she simply says. I look over at her giving her a sympathetic look. "Nothing's wrong, okay?" She asks, "just drive me home please," she adds. I start the car to begin the awkward one hour drive. I can't force her to talk to me.


"We're here," I tell her as I park the car in her parking lot. I turn and look at her and see her sleeping. I chuckle and leave her for her to sleep. She looks like she does need the sleep. I am left with my thought in the now quite car. Only her snores can be heard through the silence.

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