[28: Older man]

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I have been living with an older man for 4 years now. Then, this morning, he got captured by two ugly men in weird clothes.

The men brought me out of my house and took me to a fancy restaurant. He asked me if I wanted anything to eat.

I asked for Carbonara because the older man who got captured loved giving me Carbonara.

The two men paid for the meal and brought me to another place. Then, I saw a ton of people waiting there with soaked handkerchiefs.

They were all crying. Some of them had not cried yet. But there was three people who caught my attention. They were standing in front of everyone else.

There was a woman, a young teenager and a man.

"Thank you so much!" the woman cried.

Then, I pieced everything together and started to cry too.

I then hugged all of them. From then on, I hated the older man. I was glad he got captured.


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