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Chapter 3: The Archives

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"Crying won't make him come back. I honestly don't know why you cry, girl."

THERE WAS NO ESCAPING THIS as I shifted my gaze between two men standing in front of me. On the left hand, I had Adrian. All grumpy, unpleasant looking but still captivatingly handsome Adrian. While on my right, I had Vladimir with affection and love shone in his dark green eyes, making me want to throw my arms around him.

     I don't know how to begin, I don't know how to explain. I bit my lower lip nervously. A voice came into my mind, Just do what you always do, say what to want to say, my love. [V] Looking at Vladimir, I nodded. "Could you all wait outside?" I looked at Brad and Joseph and Scar expectantly. The two guys nodded and left while Scarlet still stood there immobile. "Scarlet, please?"

     Instead of following my request, she plopped down on the one-seater sofa and crossed her arms. She licked her top lip and raised her brows. "What do we have here?"

     I rolled my eyes, seemed like having a Royal bodyguard was more like having a Royal pain in my ass. Ignoring Scarlet, I looked at Adrian. "Can you read me?"

     He avoided eye-contact like it was herpes but his mind couldn't escape me.

     Stupidly this seems like a one-way bond. [A]

     "Well, that answers," I muttered my annoyance and I could hear him grunting. Probably annoyed that I could peek under his hoody but he could not do the same with me. Hell, I would've been pissed too if I were him.

     "The thing is, I can hear Vlad's and yours," Adrian glanced up. "But only Vlad can read mine." His jaw hardened.

     Fuck this whole fucking bond thing! [A]

     "Wait, hold up," Scarlet put both hands out front. "So you're having a click with that dude," She pointed at Vladimir who had been quiet the whole time. "But you can read this dude?" asked Scarlet while waving her hand on Adrian. I simply nodded. Scarlet threw both hands up in the air and laughed. "That's so awesome!! This is like double bonds!"

     "Awesome for you," Adrian retorted. "Certainly not for me. I can't read her mind but she can read mine. This is so unfair!" He threw his last words and stood up. "I'm going to go now. This is too much. I'm not going to sit here watching the two of you getting all cheesy and happy about the click." He headed to the door and I ran after him.

     My hand caught his arm, preventing him from going further. "Adrian, wait."

       There was desperation in my voice that I could not understand and he seemed to notice that as he looked me in the eye and asked, "Why? Why, Montgomery? Do you want me to suffer?" His last words cut me deep because that was the last thing I wanted for him. He had suffered enough through his life. But this weird one-way bond I had with him happened for a reason, a reason that I didn't know but had to find out.

     "There must be a reason why I can hear your mind," I ran my hand down to catch his hand and squeeze it. "We have to find that out. Don't you think so?" I could see the confusion in his eyes as he was trying to decide whether to stay or leave.

     Maybe it's best to leave him be, Mila. [V]

     I turned and locked my gaze with Vladimir as I shook my head firmly.

       No, he needs to stay. I have to talk to him.

     Turning my head to Adrian I could see his eyes widened as he realized what he had just witnessed. Me and Vladimir talking in our minds. Pain flashed in his eyes before he shut them and inhaled deeply. Eyes wide opened, he pulled his hand away and through gritted teeth said his goodbye. Those eyes filled with so much pain and agony that I could feel my heart was clenched so tight by it.

    I didn't realize I was crying until the door slammed and Vladimir held me in his arms. He whispered calming words through our bond but I just felt numb, as if I didn't hear any. Vladimir led me back to the couch and held me close to his side.

    At last, Scarlet could no longer stay silent as she ticked her tongue and said, "Crying won't make him come back. I honestly don't know why you cry, girl." I shot her dagger but she merely shrugged. "This can't be the first time it happens. If I were you, I will go and find out instead of whining like a baby Huey."

     I didn't appreciate being compared to a whiny duck but something in her words caught my attention as I sat straight and looked her in the eye. "What do you mean? Where can we find the information?" I could feel Vlad straightened in his seat too. Both of us looked at Scarlet expectantly.

     "Geez," Scarlet threw her head and laughed. "Why y'all look at me like that?"

     Vladimir leaned forward. "Tell us what you know."

     Scarlet wasn't the type to be intimidated, didn't matter if Vladimir was almost twice taller than her with his six feet two self. "The thing is, dear boy, I don't know." Offering us a lopsided smile, she raised one brow as she continued, "But I know where to find out."

     "Where?" Both Vladimir and I said in unison.

     Rolling her eyes as if it was no big of a deal, Scarlet Christoulakis threw her words carelessly. "The Archives, of course, duh." Vlad and I exchanged look, both didn't know what or where the hell did she mean by that. A knowing smile formed on Scarlet's rosy lips. She stood up and started to walk toward the door. With one hand on the doorknob, she turned her head and said over her shoulder, "Come on losers. I'll take you there."

My lovely angels,

I know I haven't been publishing much. To be really honest, my mind was elsewhere as my baby niece going to have surgery this week. I went to church and prayed for her.

Anyway, here is the new chapter of Enamoured! What do you all think? What's with Adrian? And what's up with this Archives?

It'll all be revealed in time ;) In the mean time, don't be shy to share your theories here and also don't forget to vote <3 Your supports and love for my work gives me strength to continue writing!

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