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12 months later ...

'Braeden do hurry.' Emma and Anthony will be arriving shortly with baby Rosie.'

'I am done,' Braeden walked into their chamber. 'Is Edward still asleep?' He peeked into the baby cot.

'Please let him rest,' Fallon scolded her husband. 'You always disturb him and then he will be notoriously picksome for the whole day'.

Braeden chortled. 'I have lots to teach my son. He sleeps too much.'

He is only five months only.' She laughed. 'Do not be impatient.'

'Wake up little one,' Braeden lifted his little son out of his cot. 'Your Aunt Emma is coming and very soon you will be able to play with your cousin Rosie.'

'Now that Carissa and Drew are finally wed, Edward will have more company,' Fallon shook her head smilingly, as she watched her husband interfering with the sleeping Edward. 'Braeden! Let the boy rest,' she peeked over her husband's shoulder smiling at their sleeping son. ''He is adorable,' she proudly whispered.

'Just like his papa,' Braeden bragged proudly.

Fallon laughed. 'I guess we need to make him a sister...like his mama,' she teased her husband, pressing her lips to his lingeringly, as her fingers unbuttoned his shirt.'

Lady 'Wife... we will have company shortly,' he warned.

'I am sure we have at least thirty minutes,' she whispered, her hands trailing over him torturously.

'Fallon ___,' his voice was a cry of torture.

Fallon smiled victoriously. Her husband's surrendering groan told her she was going to have her thirty minutes of indulgence, before their house guests arrived.


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