~Rayne | The Prince~

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Much like Jon, Rayne stood still and watched everyone leave the yard. Lady Catelyn was conversing with the Lannisters and was looking around sporadically. Rayne's arm had remained interlocked with Jon's ever since the king had taken notice to her. Jon could most probably feel her shaking slightly as her anxiety got the best of her.

She stood in her own silence until Lady Catelyn neared her. "Rayne, my love. Will you be so kind as to show her grace to her bedding chambers? And Jon Snow, please show Ser Jaime to his as well." Lady Catelyn seemed to put slight emphasis on the fact that Jon was a bastard and not birthed from herself.

As if she had a switch, Rayne's shivering ceased and she brought a smile onto her face. "Of course, my lady. If you will follow me, your grace."

Rayne dropped Jon's hand and walked away, leaving the bastard Jon Snow puzzled at her sudden change in mood and alone with Ser Jaime Lannister.

Rayne walked slowly down the eastern hallway of Winterfell with Queen Cersei beside her. The couple strolled in silence, which made Rayne nervously play with her fingers.

Cersei glanced at Rayne and smiled. "Come now little raven, no need to be so fearful. I was just like you, you know."

The queen stopped and looked at the younger girl. "I'm not sure I understand what you mean, your grace."

"I remember what it was like to be in the presence of the royal family." Cersei began walking again. "I was just a girl, not much older than you. My father had shipped me off to marry the usurper from Storm's End and that man was entirely in love with another woman."

"The king was in love with Lyanna Stark." Rayne whispered and recalled the old stories about Rhaegar and Lyanna.

"And he still is." Cersei said with a grimace, "The point here is that I was once like you. I was once thrusted into situations with strange people who had strange customs and faces. You never get used to it, but you live with it." Cersei spoke.

"Thank you, your grace. Your chambers are right here." Rayne smiled courteously and the queen disregarded her. "You love him, Ned Stark's bastard."

Rayne was slightly shocked at the queen's forwardness. "I-I am not sure wha-"

"It's okay. It's beautiful even. Young love is the best kind. You feel as though everything in a single moment is perfect when you are with them and then they leave and you are left heartbroken because they didn't feel the same. Or even better, they feel the same and then the terrors of the world pull the two of you apart." Cersei stared at the floor longingly and the two stayed in a tense silence. "But that's just me. Thank you, Lady Rayne. I suspect that I will see you tonight at the feast."

With those words, the queen turned and went into her and the king's chambers. Rayne was speechlessly watching after her with a reddened face and confused brown eyes. She stood in her own quiet as she attempted to process everything before snapping out of her daze to walk back to the great hall where Catelyn would be. The words of the queen stuck with her and her mind was encaptured in thoughts of what she had said. Fear encased her like a prison, creating goose bumps all over her arms. Secretly, she longed for Jon's touch and warmth to soothe her. However, she decided that she need not worry him with such news that would most probably make him insecure.

The great hall had more candles that lit up the dark walls than Rayne had ever been witness to before. The atmosphere felt rather warm compared to its usual chill that made her dress in warmer clothing. Rayne ventured around the room and made her way to Lady Catelyn who was busying herself with laying candles on the tables. "Lady Catelyn, do you require any help?" Rayne stood on the other side of the table.

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