Leonis, 1:1, 2:14 - Roach Hotel - Darkness. Despair. Timing

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"You're going to be alright...I think," said a woman's voice. "...maybe."

"Huh?" Parker's eyes narrowly opened. The world was blurry and fading. Someone was holding him around his chest.

"Okay, stay with me!"

"I'm...so cold." Parker wanted to let the dark take him. He thought about letting go. Then he experienced the sensation of suddenly floating to the ground.


"What?" Parker's eyes fluttered open.

"Don't you go anywhere just yet, whoever you are."

Parker felt the upward motion return and his boot heels began to thud rhythmically against an uneven surface. "Stairs?"

"We'll be safe up here...well, at least until they release one of those damn Mega-Bug's. I can't believe you took out two of those damn things by yourself. It's quite impressive."

"Impressive...right...I don't...feel impress..."

"Hey, you! Wake up!"

Parker's eyes opened wide. He ignored the pain in his side to grab for his bag.  It was gone. "Broadway! Oh, no! Broadway! Oh, please, please...no."

"Are you delusional? Why are you calling out to the street?" the woman inquired.

"Where's my bag? I have to go back..." Parker lifted his hand to his shoulder, but the pain brought it back to his chest.

"In the cab where I left it. When I tried to pull you out of the thing, your bag was stuck on the column shift in the taxi. I did what I had to do to get you off the street quickly...you should be thankful," the woman's voice said. "That last R.R.O.A.C.H. is literally out for blood at this point."

Parker felt a wave of sadness pass through him.

"Are you crying over your bag, really? You're a real mess in more ways than one."

Experiencing the sensation of his shoulders reclining and his head lowering to something soft, Parker could now match the voice to an attractive, but dirty face as it hovered over him. Its owner appeared to be his age or no more than a few years older than him. Her hair was pulled up into a dark ponytail. "Kate?"


"No...sorry, I'm..." Parker's eyes felt heavy again. "... forget it."

"Okay, this is going to hurt. I have to get the bullet out and thankfully, it doesn't look deep. Here we go...bite down on this."

Something was jammed in his mouth and a fire exploded in Parker's side...


"Hey...you still in there, brid?"

"There was that voice again," Parker thought, then again his mind was a fog. "Maybe it's my imagination?"

"...I had to cauterize your wound so you didn't bleed out. Luckily you passed out like a wimp."

"Wimp? What?" Parker muttered.

A pair of black pupils and that familiar face entered Parker's view once more. The pretty stranger who pulled him from the street and apparently saved his life now leaned in and opened each of his eyelids with a finger and thumb. "Yeah, that's what you are, aren't you? You are certainly no full Negexis...and you are damn well not a normal human. Still, your eyes, they just aren't as dark as everyone else's..."

"Not human?" Parker attempted to sit up only to have a soft hand firmly push him back down.

"Don't. Just lay there a bit longer. You should begin to feel better soon"

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