Chapter 25

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Braeden’s laughter rung softly in the air.  She kissed him, her lips teasing, her tongue dipping into his mouth.  His breath hissed.  With Fallon still in his arms, Braeden strode to the next room; the official Countess’ Chamber, which had never been used by this countess.  His hot hands cradled her bottom, making her tingle all over.  Her cheek kept bobbing against his taut chest.  All she wanted to do was press her lips to his flesh and hear his husky response like she did each night. 

‘Will this do my lady?’  He probed, critically assessing whether the smaller bed would accommodate him as well.

Flushing, she laughed sliding out of his arms.  ‘It will have to do, until you fix our door,’ she grinned.

Braeden stepped out.  He summoned one of his grooms who came running to attention and softly issued some instructions. 

‘What did you say to him?’ She whispered curiously.

‘You’ll see,’ he replied mysteriously, keeping the door wide opened and to her disappointment, he walked away from her to stand by the window.

Fallon’s blue eyes widened as she saw three servants coming in carrying jars of hot water in each hand.  She could hardly contain her delight.  She was going to take a bath together with Braeden.  She remembered how delightful the previous one had been.

‘You are not going out this morning?’  She enquired, somewhat hopeful.

It had been his intention, but what with his wife’s sensitivity about the time he has been spending away from her, he thought it a good idea to lavish his attention upon her today.  He had also instructed the servant to deliver an apologetic message to the tenant he was supposed to visit.

Braeden thanked his servants and shut the door.  His dark grey eyes still on Fallon, he walked to where she stood rooted to the ground and carried her through to the bath chamber. Her hands clutched his shirt, her mouth opened, her tongue, warm and wet met his

‘My lord, we are still dressed!’ Braeden was carrying her straight to the tub.

‘I know,’ he laughed and promptly lowered her into the water.

‘My slippers ___!’

She hardly had the opportunity to continue her protest.  He grabbed her roughly.  His fingers feathered her throat.  He gently moved forward so his lips were touching hers.  His kiss was light.  She kept still, allowing the heat of the kiss to course through her entire body.   His lips and tongue explored hers.  Her hands came up, around his neck, slid into his hair. 

When his hands slid from her throat down and cupped her breast, she shuddered and laid back.  She lost herself in the sensuous delight.  His fingers continued downwards underneath the thin folds of her drawers.  She gasped as his fingers slid inside.  She made no attempt to resist him, in fact, she eagerly anticipated his possession.   She was completely naked, a shock of sheer awareness made her catch her breath. A moan climbed from the depths of her throat as his lips found her nipples and suckled on it torturously.  The heat of his mouth brought her to fever pitch...his large hands raked the length of her back.  She was breathless… wanting more.  He was still fully clothed, albeit drenched to the skin.  Her hands slipped under his shirt, found the smooth muscle of his chest and splayed over it caressingly.

His fingers stoked her full breasts.  His tongue delighted in her lush inviting firm nipples.  An invasive languor spread through her body, making her eyelids fall.  He kissed the hollow of her throat.  The soft pad of his finger travelled back downwards; brushed the entrance to her passage.  She was hot...moist...responsive.  Spasms of undulating fever pitch lifted her hips against his rhythmic stroking against her pulsating flesh.  

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