Chapter 1: (Part 1) Rise of the Fallen

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Where evil is hanged at the balance, does it not dwell among men? For through every man is a dark path dwelling under a cloak, far into the depths of the sea.... Sheep once gathered in peace from the blood thirst of the supreme, wolves that tore away their flesh like the hearts of the children who watched their parents burn! Their hearts would sing a joyful song, but when the darkness overcame their purity, death cried out to the weak like infants, yet silent as the grave....

The snapping sound of charcoal shredded across a wooden table and was split in two.

Zoran scoffed aggressively, throwing the charcoal on the floor, shattering its remains as though it were the fading dust of a decayed corpse. There was an intense reddish tone on his pale forehead.

"Ha! What's wrong? Don't like making even the slightest mistake?" Theodren grinned obnoxiously while sitting beside him, with his golden hair like a mane flapped over the side of his face, reaching the tips of his broad shoulders as he looked down at the paper, grasping it in his mischievous claws, hidden from his brother.

"I couldn't even complete the first page. I'm such a failure." He whined like a spoiled child, gripping his small hand into a fist, while the other rubbed against his forehead. A few droplets of sweat fell down his face with haste in the heat of the moment.

"Wolves tore away their flesh like the hearts of children who watched their parents burn?" Theodren held the paper close to his face.

"Give me that!" Zoran whined, quickly snatching the paper.


"You know you can't read." He gave a rude look.

There was a short pause filled with a drowning of sound to the roars of voices; words of uneven volume spread about the place. The smell of pine was a blanket over the wooden display. Like honey on a pastry, there stood pillars and arches evenly smoothed as that of a temple, but the distinction was clear between the two. Not a single living thing could catch a whiff of boredom, for the scenery of welcoming lights alone was just so satisfying.

"Maybe, but at least I can appreciate my achievements."

Zoran grunted, closing his eyes and turning his head.

Behind Theodren were gentle footsteps that grew louder as they approached. The footsteps stopped, and out of the unexpected silence, a young girl turned to them with a smile.

"Welcome to our tavern." She greeted him. "Members of the army, I assume?"

"You assume correctly. We're just here for the night." Zoran greeted her with a soft smile.

She looked to Theodren and smiled, giving no response. It's like at that very moment Theodren was nearly off balance, he couldn't take his eyes off her.

"Is there anything you need at this hour?" She flashed a friendly smile, a warming calm through her every spoken word.

"Whatever drink you can serve, please." Theodren gave a confident gaze towards her, with a failed attempt to show off his arm strength.

His hands gripped at the backside of his neck, with eyes captive to her own, beautifully warm hazel. His heart was purely struck by her hair; as scarlet as roses laying in a bath, a flow like gentle waves down the back of her head, with its uneven tips fallen to the ends of her hidden shoulders.

"Almost like gazing into the girl's soul." Zoran replied in a rather blank tone, like he wasn't new to the occurrence.

"What? I'm just trying to be a gentleman!" Theodren spoke in a deep, sudden voice, which gave off a slightly irritated look on his forehead; his guard was brought down.

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