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"How did you know he was your mate, Dels?" Annabelle asked her while they were talking. Cordelia sighed. She didn't want to think of that monster. "When I first saw him after I escaped, I just kind of knew. I didn't want to believe it at first. I still don't want to. But when I saw him, I had that feeling in my gut. Nothing else mattered in the world at that moment. It was just me and him."

There was a knock on the door. Both Annabelle and Cordelia looked up and saw Pierce. "Hey." He sighed and walked in. Annabelle looked at Cordelia. "Can't you see we're trying to spend time with each other? What was it you told me? You don't have to stay next to me at all times?" Cordelia growled and turned her head away. "Well sorry. I just wanted to see how your friend was doing." Pierce growled back and turned to exit. "She's doing just fine!" Cordelia yelled at his back. Pierce rolled his eyes and continued out the door. Out of sight and ear shot.

"Why is he like the way he is?" Annabelle asked Cordelia. Cordelia looked at Annabelle and sighed. "Don't let him know you know this, but, when he was young, really young, he lost his parents. He freaked out and didn't know how to react so he lost all interest in loving anyone else because he was afraid. If he loved again, he would loose that person. And he thought someone purposely killed his parents and he wants revenge. But he told me his parents were in the pack army. So I can see how he could be devastated that his parents died but yet he should know that it was really no one's fault. They joined the pack army knowing they would probably die."

Annabelle nodded. "I can see how he could be hurting and is afraid to love again, but he should learn that he doesn't need revenge for that. Now if someone snuck into the pack and killed his parents that way, then maybe. But I don't condone killing in any sense. Even if for revenge." Annabelle sighed. "I think I'm gonna go check on him. See if I can get through him." Cordelia started to stand up but Annabelle grabbed a hold of her wrist. "But what if you can't?" She asked Cordelia. "I'll start making a plan to get everyone from our pack out of here. Including me. I already have an idea for you guys though."

Annabelle frowned. "I wanna be selfish and bring you back with me." Annabelle told Cordelia. Cordelia gave her a small smile. "Maybe. But you also know that if I reject Pierce, I can never find another mate again." Cordelia's smile faded. "Well duh. I know that. But you don't need one to be happy. You have me. And I know Lowell is fine. He's trying to get us back. Everyone back. The three of us can be happy. Okay?" Annabelle told her softly. As much as Cordelia found that tempting, she still wanted to have a mate. And if trying to get the big, bad, mean guy to become nice so she could have a mate is the key to have one, then that'll be what she would do. She only had one shot of having a mate and Pierce was it.

"Pierce is a good guy. I know it. He just needs a little shove. Lets say he's the Moon Goddess's way of a work in progress." Cordelia beamed down at Annabelle. Annabelle didn't bite the bait given but she just kept her mouth quiet. Cordelia wiggled her wrist out of Annabelle's grip. "I'll be back later."

Cordelia walked out of Annabelle's room and out of the hospital, towards the pack house. But only to find Pierce standing there, in front of the door and not inside. "Oh. I thought you were inside doing whatever alpha does." She said more sarcastically than she wanted but she thought whatever. He deserves it.

He shrugged once. "I don't have anything to do. So I decided to just enjoy nature. Sorry your highness. I'll get to whatever alpha shit I gotta do." Pushing himself from the wall, he started to head inside. "What did I do to you? You're the one who found me and took over my pack. If anyone should be in a pissy mood, it should be me." Cordelia growled at him. Pierce turned around to look at her. "You don't understand." He said almost inaudibly. "Just... Take your friends and go. I want nothing with you or them anymore."

And with that, Pierce closed the door to the pack house, leaving her outside.

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