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Cordelia stepped out of the pack house and outside into the brightness of the sun. It was really bright, she thought. But she needed to get out of that room. She just felt so much pain and panic the longer she stayed in that room. She felt like she had to get out of there; to get out of this damned pack and away from Pierce. She trusted him but didn't. Knowing he felt pain and felt compassion and sorrow for him but yet not. She didn't know what her feelings for him was. And she didn't know what to do about it.

There was a small tug on the back of her shorts leg. She turned around and saw a small boy no more than 7 years old. "Hi miss." He giggled. "I'm AJ. Who are you?" He asked. Cordelia smiled down at AJ and picked him up. "I'm Cordelia." She told him. AJ contorted his face while trying to pronounce her name. she smiled at him. "Could you say Dels?" She asked him. He repeated her. "Dels." He giggled. She nodded. "There you go."

Pierce came out of the pack house and looked at her and AJ. AJ turned his head and waved at Pierce. "Uncle Pierce!" AJ squealed and jumped out of Cordelia's arms to run up to Pierce. "Hey, AJ." Pierce said and picked up AJ. "You never visit momma and I anymore." AJ pouted at Pierce. Pierce shrugged. "Well I'm alpha, bud. But I'll try. Okay?" Pierce told him and set him down. AJ nodded. "Now it's getting dark. Go home. Your mother is probably worrying about you." Pierce said and ushered him the way to his house and AJ ran away.

"Why does he call you uncle?" Cordelia asked him as Pierce came up to her. He shrugged. "I used to be friends with his mom. We were close until... the incident. Then the friendship fell apart. She started reaching out to me when AJ was born seven years ago because his dad died in a freak accident right before he was born. But things just didn't work out. With being alpha and all. She's much older than me though by a couple years. She's about... 24 now, I believe." He sighed. "So she was 14 when the incident happened?" Cordelia asked.

Pierce nodded. "Our mom's used to be close friends when we were kids. So we spent half of our time together." Pierce cleared his throat and swallowed. There was a sudden dryness in his throat and tears burned his eyes. But he bit the tears back and blinked a few times. He wasn't going to allow himself to show weakness again. Especially in front of the stupid girl.

Stupid girl. Silly, stupid, little girl. She was standing right in front of him. He officially classified her has a stupid, silly, little, bipolar girl. Because she was just that in his eyes. He wasn't sure why he opened up to her. Why somehow she started to break him down, small piece by small piece. But he hated that. He vowed to himself that he wasn't going to be broken down by anyone since what happened. And that's exactly what he wanted. He wasn't going to let her break him and that was official. He thought maybe someone being there for him would help but he knew all too well about the pain. The pain of loosing someone you loved. So he decided that why try loving again just when someone was going to leave you.

"You aren't allowed to do this to me." Pierce growled at her. Cordelia jumped back at the sudden anger in his voice. "What? Do what?" She asked him, giving a confused look. "You're breaking me down just so you can turn around and leave me. You're not going to do that. I won't let anyone or anything hurt me!" Pierce yelled. Cordelia sighed. At first she was just going to reject him. But now that she learned about his past, she didn't really want to. But that option wasn't out of the question. Maybe people who've been hurt so much can't truly change. Maybe she just reject him now then find a way to help those being held and go home. Go help those who need it at her pack.

But then something came to mind. What if no one was there if she got back? What if she got there, everyone who was there was dead or picked up what they had left and moved? She didn't want to think that way but that could be a possibility.

She looked up at Pierce. "Whether you like it or not, I'm going to continue what I'm doing. Okay? Okay. Good." She told him sternly. "I get that you're still hurting about what happened. But it happened. It's done and over. They wouldn't want you to keep yourself introverted and not being able to love. They would've wanted you to move on."

"You don't know what they would've wanted!" Pierce yelled. "Well they wouldn't have wanted you to kill and hate everyone. And you don't know if I'll leave. But if you keep being an asshole to me then maybe I will!" She yelled back. She was right and Pierce knew she was. They wouldn't have wanted him to kill or hate everyone. But he didn't care. He wasn't going to let her be right. Or at least her thinking she's right.

Cordelia looked behind Pierce and saw an elderly woman coming towards them. "What seems to be the problem here, young alpha?" She asked Pierce. "Are you being rude?" 

Pierce rolled his eyes and looked at her. "Nothing is wrong, Genevieve. Okay?" He hissed. "Stop being mean to the poor girl. You already ruined her life by attacking her pack then keeping her here. The least you can do is try being nice." Genevieve told him sternly and flicked him in the nose. Pierce yelped and rubbed his already red nose. "Ya, Pierce. Be nice." Cordelia giggled. "Don't need your two sense, miss." He growled at Cordelia. She stuck her tongue out at him and giggled.

Pierce looked at Genevieve and she gave him a you better be nice to her or I'll make you be nice to her look. Pierce growled at her too. "Fine." He mumbled to her. Genevieve smiled and patted Pierce on the shoulder. "There you go." Genevieve said and walked away.

Pierce turned to look at Cordelia then turned to walk back into the pack house. "Hey." Cordelia called and followed him. "What?" He asked and stopped, causing Cordelia to bump into his back. "You can do whatever. You don't have to stay next to me at all times. You know that." Pierce snapped and walked into his office.

Cordelia huffed and crossed her arms. She had no sense of direction. She didn't know where everything was nor which way to go to get out of this wretched pack. She barely knew where the bathroom in the pack house was. She then decided to go check on Anna. Exiting the pack house, she walked to the one building that she knew where her best friend was.

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