Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Like Master's description, the garden is as abundant with flowers as there are turns and twists. I believe him now when he says that the maze has trapped Master Niles countless times. But that is because Master does not give him direction like he gives me.

Pass the maze and there is a greenhouse he recites. From the greenhouse, make a right until I see a gazebo. Walk onto it and face the mansion. From the center position, locate my 4 o'clock and walk straight for about two hundred yards. If I don't see a lake, I will have to go back and start over. If I do, I am heading in the right direction. Cross the lake and walk linear until I find a tree shaped like half a candelabra. From there, make a right and walk until I see a small house.

The sun is still shining when I approach the designated vanilla garden house. Under a white pergola situated not too far from it, someone is sitting on a chair and staring into the distance. She has not sensed me so I walk closer. I can hear her heart beat like mine. Is she a noble? I get closer and I realize it is a human.

"Who's there?" Her voice is trembling. She must be afraid.

I shake a tree near me and a few apples tumble to the ground. Only then did the woman look in my direction. I pick up the apples before I walk towards her and place them in the basket sitting on the table.

"A maid," I answer.

"Did Master Aleksandar send you?" I did not expect her to call him Master like I do.

"Yes. He instructed me to tell you that the Hunter's Moon is in three days."

Her lips form a thin line at my words. But seeing that I am still standing, she motions me over.

"Come sit," she says as she pats the seat next to her. I take my seat and she hands me an apple. "I'm surprised it isn't Morwenna this time." The lady takes a fruit for herself and bites into it. "It's good."

Her voice, though small, is as sweet as her scent. The long ash grey hair that falls past her shoulders make her face seem even smaller than it already is. I must say, for a human, she is unhealthily pale and quite petite. From the looks of it, I tower a head over her, which means Master must be almost two heads over. But still, she is perhaps the most intriguing human I ever laid eyes on, especially with her long eyelashes that match the shade of her hair.

"What's your name?" she asks.


"It suits you. It's beautiful like your eyes."

I can tell she is not lying. However, no one has ever thought that before. She has strange taste.

"Thank you...human," I say as I bite into my apple.

"Please, call me Alvena." She lets out a warm laugh that sounds identical to the songs the birds sing in the spring.

"Thank you, Alvena." She smiles. Her name is beautiful like her. I will say it more often.

When I return to the main castle, I visit master's study room again. He is no longer there, but the vase of flowers is replaced with fresh ones. Adrian sees me and relays that Master isn't going to return for dinner so I follow him to the servants' dining hall.

I see three long tables filled with vampires. They must be the rest of the staff. On a dining table half as long, sits the thirty-two new maids. And on the elevated area of the hall, Morwenna sits with London. Adrian invites me over to join them.

"Did you meet Alvena?" Morwenna asks. I nod.

"What is she like?" Adrian asks excitedly. "I can't wait to meet her in three days."

"Hunter's Moon?" I ask unconsciously.

"Yes!" Adrian seems very enthusiastic about this. "There's the Hunter's Moon, the ceremony, and the ritual! And Morwenna gets to see her true love~."

Morwenna blushes as Adrian grins widely, clearly taking a fancy to teasing her. Even London, failing to hide a small smile, seems to be excited.

But somehow, I do not feel easy.


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