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There also was that other time when Chuuya posted some pics with a certain "Достоевский1111" saying that the guy surprised him by coming from Russia to France just to meet him. "Aren't they way too close for just friends ?" Dazai thought as he looked to the pictures with the two of them and this Dostoevsky being all touchy.

It has been a year that he found this account and he finally found the post that made him give up. It was Chuuya, alone, topless, his hand slightly pulling his choker, his teeth biting on his bottom lip seductivly, his ginger hair falling on his left shoulder, his nipples obviously hard, his cheeks red and that was it. The eyes that Dazai liked so much weren't even showing but he won't deny that this must be the most sexy picture the other ever posted and here comes the famous captions, this one was definitely the craziest "I need an alpha. Now !"

Dazai scrolled down to read the comments after leaving a like and here again, he didn't like them as he read "This guy is in heat !" or "Such a slut ." or "You want my D~" or even "If you were here, i would have fucked you so hard !!!!" The brunet sighed to calm himself, he couldn't take this anymore. He didn't even know why he changed to a white shirt and black pants leaving the shirt unbuttoned and loosening the bandages to show some of his skin. He set and relaxed on the couch then went to take a picture of himself from above to show everything without his face with his free hand grabbing on his pants to make the bulge there clear.

He stared at the pic for a moment then thought "Damn it !" For falling for this guy as he sent him the picture with a text "Here is your alpha ." He didn't wait too long to receive an answer and oh well, if that didn't make him smirk for a moment as he read "HOLY !" then "YOU ARE HOT AS HELL !!" then "Is that really you ?!" But his happiness faded away the second he remembered that this must be how he talks with all the others and he just was one of them, not an exception. He was pulled out of his thoughts with another text from the ginger "How can you be so mean !!!! At least don't see the text if you don't want to answer !"

The brunet sighed then sent "Yes, the one in the picture is me ." This time, he had to wait more to read "Sorry, i had to open the door for my mom ... yeah still living with my mom ..." then "So, how about we become friends, Shuuji ?"

"He can just say he's too busy texting that Tachihara or that Dostoevsky ..." Dazai thought as he texted back "There is nothing wrong for you to be living with your mother." Then he added "It's okay for being friends but it's Dazai not Shuuji, it's just a name i use in social media ."

"Is that so ? Well i like both names but Dazai's definitely better !" Dazai smiled at the text and seconds after, he read "It took you too long to finally text me, you know ?! But i'm really happy we are friends now, i wish we will get along well ^^"

"He seems pretty different from his captions .." the brunet thought then went back to tap his answer.

Dazai finally reached his place tired from that meeting but he still unlocked his phone just to find a pic and a text from the ginger. He was aroused the second he looked at the pic with Chuuya only with his underwear, licking his bottom lip seductivly and his other hand pushing his black boxers slightly down as he still was between his red sheets. The text was "I feel lonely here, daddy~" and Dazai could never explain how this guy went from calling him "Friend" to "Daddy" or "Babe" ..

It has just been two months from that day he texted him for the first time and things sure escalated quickly but he still remembers how everything started. It was a simple text he received from the ginger "I can't text you today, i'm getting in my heat and the suppressants aren't really helping. I'll text you once i feel better okay ." And Dazai found nothing better as an answer except "I can help if you want ." And that was how they had their first dirty texting.

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