I am the happiest

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Requested by Ash_michaeils
Warnings :
*This is an omegaverse au.
*It contains smut and Mpreg.

As the son of a famous doctor, Dazai was rich without forgetting his intelligence and good looks. A perfect alpha people would say. He just finished his medical studies and accompagned his father to a meeting where he'll get to know a lot of people in the same field. "Having good relations is important for your future ." His father adviced but the only thing Dazai found there were fake smiles and empty words. He still wore the same fake smile and used the same empty words as all of them. As he stared at his side, he noticed his father's proud look then sighed. "I guess i can go now ..." he obviously didn't wait till the meeting ended, he already missed texting a certain ginger who lived in the other side of the planet.

Dazai was tired from just studying and decided to laze around. He unlocked his phone and the first thing he noticed was Instagram "It has been a long time i didn't check on my account ..." he logged in and as he thought, there was nothing new. He just scrolled from post to post not even minding to leave a like or a comment. He suddenly passed a certain post then instently went back to check it.

"Sexy ..." he thought as he stared at the guy on the picture. A ginger with beautiful blue eyes, he had the cliché pose that every fuckboy likes to use, acting like he just woke up, topless and still in the sheets looking up at the camera with that seductive expression. As he reads the name "Nakahara_Chuuya" he instently thought that the guy's looks didn't match his Japanese name but what surprised him the most was the caption "Isn't there any nice and carrying alpha for this cute omega~".

"He's such a fuckboy ..." Dazai didn't wait another second to check on the guy's account. He was pretty famous with all the followers, likes and comments he had but what surprised him again was the guy's biography :
"19 years old.
Half French/ Half Japanese.
Proud omega !
Don't wait to dm me ! If you're nice enough, you may even get some personal pics~"
"Definitely a fuckboy !" Dazai corrected himself as he checked on all the guys posts not noticing that he left a like on all of them. He suddenly received a notification from said guy mentionning him in his story with a screenshot of the notifications he got from Dazai's likes "Thanks for the spam @Shuuji_1906 you can dm me whenever you want~" then a second one saying that the guy followed him.

Dazai sure was surprised but he didn't text him, he just followed him and kept an eye on the guy's account. He didn't even realize that now, he is logging in each day to see if the guy posted something new or had a 'live'. He kept on only leaving likes but reading all the comments the guy received on his posts and Dazai sure didn't like how those people were addressing him but what made him the most angry was that day Chuuya posted a picture with a certain "Tachi_LovesHisSenpai" saying that they are boyfriends and the next day was worse because of Chuuya posting another simple picture with the same guy saying that it was just a prank to find out his follower's reaction. The brunet hated himself for spending almost all the previous night without sleep thinking that he lost the guy without even trying to get him.

There was that other time where he found Chuuya having a 'live' all he did was walking around his house and answering his followers questions that Dazai didn't like again but he still found out that the guy has a lot of sweet spots as his neck, nipples and thighs and he likes it rough. What surprised him the most was that the moment he joined and the other saw his name, he directly reacted saying "Oh you, i remember you ! Hey, Shuuji, it's so rare for me to get Japanese followers so i would like it if you dm me or am i not good enough ?" He had that saddened look and all his followers texted him that he was perfect or he was the best and he was more than enough making the ginger smile then add "Just kidding~ you must be really shy !" And Dazai instently laughed at the comment "I'm waiting to receive a text from you okay !" And another one joined the live making Chuuya move to him as if the previous talk never happened. Dazai was irritated for a moment then he sighed, what was he waiting for seriously ? He obviously didn't text him.

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