All for a smile [Sanji x Reader]

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You watched with your head resting on your hand how Nami put Sanji off for the tenth time that day. You sighed and closed your eyes. As much as you wanted to go and kiss him right there and in that moment, you knew very well that he liked the red-haired girl. Having feelings for a crew mate had given you a couple of headaches. And yet, you couldn't avoid doing things that contradicted your decision of leaving it be, like taking special care of him or defending him whenever you had the chance.

Zoro gave you an odd look one day. He was probably starting to catch on what was going on, which wasn't good at all.

You patted your face with both hands and separated from the handrail, looking for another place to be so you could forget about the handsome cook... that was walking towards you in that very moment. Shit.

"(Y/N)-chan, do you want something special for dinner today?" He asked you, his warm smile never leaving his face.

It surprised you how composed he could keep himself even after being rejected once again by the woman he liked. Damn, that one hurt.

"Uh? Whatever you do I'm sure will be delicious so..." You smiled back and patted his shoulder as you passed him on your way to the stairs.

Smile and keep walking, smile and keep walking. Just don't look back, just don't look back.

You looked. Sanji was staring at you from his position in the upper part of the deck. He flashed you a smirk once again and waved before disappearing in the kitchen. That look he had given you...

Keep it cool, keep it cool. It was nothing. It meant nothing. He likes Nami...

You repeated that in your head over and over although you couldn't help but feeling as if your heart was climbing his way up your throat. Damn, you were deep in the hole.


"(Y/N)-chan, can you please tell that Moss-head that dinner is ready?" Sanji asked you as he swirled the ladle inside the enormous pot.

You looked up from the book you were reading to find those blue eyes you loved staring directly at you. He would be the death of you one day. Just by standing there with his immaculate suit even though he was cooking, his warm smile never leaving his lips, his beautiful eyes that sparkled every time he made one of you happy... Your heart skipped a beat at the sight.

As a response, nevertheless, you just nodded and awkwardly smirked back.

"Why can't you guys just get along...?" You half-asked, half-murmured to yourself as you stood up and left the kitchen.

The cook followed you with his eyes and sighed the moment you closed the door, covering his face with his hands to clear his mind.


You knocked on and casually opened the door of the crow's nest, closing it behind you the moment you were in.

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