The Day

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~your pov~

After days of trying to convince our perants to let us go to a concert in a different country they finaly said yes, to see the ones we love so much. Days passed in a matter of seconds, until the time finally came. Me and F/N walking out of the plane, stepping into a new chepter of our lives, one that will change our lives compleatly.

"This isnt a dream right?!" I said as I squeezed F/N's arm tightly, we walked through the skaning machine. We walked around looking for our bags when suddenly we heard screaming,  as we turned around we saw 7 boys walking one after the other, all dressed nicely but with cute little masks on their faces. I suddenly felt F/N squishing my hand, i looked at her but her eyes were locked on the boys walking passed.

I looked up as i started paying more attention befire i spotted  faces, suddenly i turned away from from the boys. It was them, walking towards us.

I felt my heart skip a beat and i felt my face flushing, no matter how calm i tried to be i squeeled and hid behind F/N, it felt like my heart was about to burst as they walked passed us.

Me and F/N quickly grabed our bags and took a photo secretly while jumping up and down.

"What just hapened" said F/N

"I have no idea but i hope that this wasnt a dream" I answered griping the handle of my suitcase firmly as we exited the airport. When we arived at the hotel we had a room with two seperate bedrooms, only one bathroom. A little dyning table, but everything looked so posh.

I jumped onto F/N's bed as she was half way through unpacking her things.
"We actually saw them!!" I shouted as i looked up at F/N who was also dying in excitement.
"But those damn masks are the only barrier, i couldent see my Taes face!"she said as he crossed her arms slightly pounting

"Ok get all the cheep merch we have and wear it!!"

"Ok ok"

~~Ello i hope this is ok so far and and a surprise will be for the end!!!

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