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Pen Your Pride

❁ Kimberly Wales ❁

*Ring Ring!*

Ugh. I hate this!

I threw the alarm clock and it smashed to pieces but sadly, the alarm sound still keeps ringing and ringing.

I sluggishly dragged my feet out of my very comfy bed and into the showers.

I lathered my hair with a refreshing watermelon scented shampoo and scrubbed my body with odorless soap.

As the freezing water from the shower prickles my skin, a sudden image of a naked Troy and Tyler popped out of my head.

Holy nuts! What am I thinking?

I cupped my cheeks with my hands as I can feel it turn red by the minute.

Why did that thought come out of my head?

I shook my head and rinsed myself with water.

This is insane..

I've been acting strange lately but I wonder why I thought of the both of them.

I don't care with the other one anymore but speaking of which.. I wonder if Tyler's okay..

I mean-- after knowing his name was used by his best friend without permission.. I don't see the wrong in it but yeah, just in case I was a criminal then I might get his name and track him down.. it is very dangerous!

I went out of the showers and wore my school uniform.

Calling.. Miley--

Why is she calling?

Miley: *Huff* *Huff* You better not go to school right now!!

Me: W-Why?

Miley's voice was horrified that's why it makes me scared too.

Miley: Troy.. and Tyler-- school gym.. *Huff* *Huff* fighting--

Me: WHAT?! Wait-- That's not my concern so I don't really care--

Miley: Troy's face is bruised but he isn't fighting back--

Me: So?

Okay, honestly, my heart is beating fast and I am actually concerned for the both of them for some reason I don't really know myself.

Miley: The girls are going to kill you...!!

Me: Why?! What?!


Miley: Because Troy.. and Tyler.. the both of them.. well, the reason they're fighting is you-- that's why the punching started.. and the girls gathered around them.. heard it all.

Me: Oh sh*t. Now it's my freaking fault?

Miley: Oh my gawd, I gotta hang up...

Me: Hey! Wait-


What should I do??

Why is that stupid bastard not even fighting back?!

More importantly, what do I care?

♠ Troy Milton ♠

It's another dreary school morning and I am not feeling myself.

I logged in and for some strange reason.. I can't search Kimberly's profile. She is also not my friend anymore.

I sighed helplessly when I heard a *Ding* sound on my iPhone.

I rushed to my iPhone only to see it was Miley..

Don't get me wrong! She is my first love and I admit I *may* still have feelings for her but--

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