Missing you

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Omega talking = underline + italics
Ohm thinking/talking = italics

Ohms pov.

Time skip 2 days have passed

Currant situation- trying to stay alive after being tortured with water and electricity.

Has been starved for 1 day.

Shocks given- 15 a day, 3 shocks after every show

times dunked in tank- 5 times a day for 15 minutes each time.

Time given to sleep - 8 hours

Shows- 5 different shows a day each last 1 hour.

Break between shows - 20 minutes, 15 minutes kept in tank after each show

Time to prepare for a show- 5 minutes.

State of mind- on the brink of depression, close to insanity.

I'm curled into a ball on the bed she gave me. I had woken up earlier than I should've due to a nightmare.

She was standing around all my loved ones body's. Laughing at me as she kicks Luke's cold dead corpse.

I was shivering. Having Avery not give me any clothes after my last perform from the other day. Add the tank filled with ice cold water doesn't help.

Ryan focus. Use your shivering to try and heat up your body. Omega tells me. He's been talking to me for the past two days but no matter how helpful his advise seems, it never works.

He won't take control, he told me, because my body is to weak and if he takes control we might die.

It won't work. I argue.

He sighs or what sounds like a sigh.

Ryan if you want to get out of here and go back to the freak show you have to try! I've finally been reborn and I don't want to die early.

He was reborn?

What do you mean reborn?

That my child is a story for another day so for now focus!

I sigh. "Alright." I mumble and force my weak body to sit up.

Luke's pov.

Currant situation- trying to figure out a plan with police to save Ryan

Involved with the plan- police, Del, Vanoss, whinny, Sophie, Sergei,  Mrs. Strange, Marcel,  Nogla , Brian , Anthony, Tyler  and mini along with the twins.

State of mind- sad, and too stubborn to let the police/detectives take full control of the case.


I paced around the room. Ohms bunny on my bed and his looking as if no one ever slept in it.

I was awake before everyone else, As usual.

Sometimes it seems like I'm the only one that cares.

Delirious wishes he could stay over night here but with his mom forcing him to stay in school he can't do anything about it.

I continue pacing until the door opens and Sophie walks in.

"Cartoonz you need to stop. I can hear you pacing from the next room!" She says with her strange accent that I never got to asking about.

She walks into the room closing the door behind her.

"Sorry." I mumble but continue pacing.

"Look I know you are worried for Ryan but you have to relax. The police will be back by 9 so we can finish the plan. Just relax." Sophie says and pushes me gently onto the bed.

I grab ohms bunny and clutch it tightly. "Look Luke, We will get him back. Now try to get some more sleep before the detectives arrive." She says and hugs me before leaving the room.

I sigh and clutch the bunny tighter.

Time skip- 4 hours after the detectives arrive

"We finished!" I scream out once the police agree with the plan.

"Thing is, We have to watch the house for a bit. See if she has any schedule, before we make our move." A detective says and the smile on my face disappears completely.

"What?" I croak out, a lump forming in my throat making it hard to take deep breaths.

"I'm sorry son. We have to watch the home, and get a warrant. Two birds in one stone." One says.

"What my partner is trying to say is that while we wait for the warrant we stake out the residence." The girl says.

I wanna scream. Break something.

"Luke. Calm down." Whinny says.

I turn and run to my room as tears sting my eyes.

We were so close! Now we gotta wait? Who knows what the bitch is doing to him. He had a shock collar for fucks sake!

I go back to pacing my room as tears fall down my face.

I hate this! I hate the wait! The anxiety of wondering what he'll look like when we save him!

I run into the wall. A small tingle of pain is all I feel.

I then smack my head against wall, still feeling very little except for my head touching a wall.

I walk to the bed and grab ohms bunny, holding it tight to my chest.

Well save you Ryan. I fucking swear on my mothers grave.

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