Chapter 1-How It All Began

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It Was About 11:30 At Night When I Heard My Mother Crying Her Poor Heart Out..She Does This Almost Every Night,Sad To Say But I Think I Was Use To Being Woke Up Out Of My Sleep By The Sound Of My Mother Crying Uncontrollably

She Was Hurt By The One Person Who She Loved The Most Other Than Me And My Twin Brother Adrien

My Father

They've Been Married For Nearly 25 Years And Last Week When My Father Came Home From Work And He Told My Mother That He's Leaving Her For Another Woman

A Woman Who I've Heard Is Only 26 Year Old

He Packed All His Suits,His Shoes,And His Cologne And He Just Left

And My Mama Haven't Been Right Every Since Than How Could I Even Expect Her To Be

The Love Of Her Life Hurted Her In A Way Where I Don't Think My Mother Will Ever Be The Same Again

She Haven't Been This Sad Since My Grandfather Died A Few Years Ago

All She Does Is Clean And Clean Untill She Just Breaks Down Into Tears

I Hated My Father For Doing This To Her Because She Doesn't Deserve This At All

I Slipped On My House Shoes And Follow The Sound Of My Mother Crying To The Kitchen

She Was Sitting At The Kitchen In Front Of A Glass Of Wine And My Mother Doesn't Even Drink

She Was A Complete Mess

"Im Sorry Adrianna Did I Wake You"She Asked Me Wiping Her Tears

"No Besides Who Needs Sleep Anyways School Is Practically Over For Me Soon"I Said As I Faked A Smiled

"Are You Really Ready To Graduate From Highschool"She Asked Me Still Wiping Her Face

"So Ready I Swear"I Smiled As I Sat Down Next To Her

"You Okay Your Drinking You Never Drink Ma"I Said

She Looked At Me With This Blank Stare On Her Face

"What Did I Do Wrong"She Asked Me As Tear Slowly Fell Down Her Face

"Haven't I've Been A Good Mother Too You And Adrien...I've Keep My Self Up,I Cook I Clean,I Always Make Sure Everyone Is In The House Of The Lord On Sundays,I Took Care Of Him When He Was Sick,I Gave Him Everything That I Had In Me I Mean What Am I Missing Here What Would Make Him Just Get Up Leave Me Like That..I Wonder What She Looks Like "She Said

"Nothing Ma...You Have Done Everything Right Its Nothing Wrong With You Stop Thinking That" I Said

"I Can't Help It 25 Years Of Marriage And He Just Leaves Me For Someone Else Is She Prettier Than Me,I Already Know Shes Younger Than Me,But What Is It About Her That Makes A Man Wanna Leave Everything He Build...I Married That Man Because I Love Him And My Daddy Told Me He Told Not To Marry Him But I Did And Now....Look At Me "She Said As She Cried

"And Now You Have Me And Big Head Over There"My Twin Brother Adrien Said

Adrien Kissed My Mother Forehead And Said "Mama You A Beautiful Black Queen And Any Man That Can't See That Is His Problem Not Yours"

"You Know Im So Lucky To Have You Two You Both Have My Made My Life Everything And More I Love You Two So Much"She Said

"And We Love You Too Go Get In Bed We Will Clean Up Down Here"He Said Helping My Mother Up

"Goodnight"She Said

"Night Ma"I Said

Than She Went Up The Stairs Adrien Sat Next To Me And Said "Who Knew Daddy Was A Such A Savage"

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